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Waterfall Lighting Brings Nature Home

Living near the mountains and foothills of North Carolina definitely has bonuses. If you are a hiker, or know a hiker, you’re probably aware that there are many beautiful waterfalls within a few hours drive. The Hunger Games was even filmed here because of the natural beauty of the area. If you’ve hiked out to a waterfall or even seen pictures, you probably wanted to take it back with you. The sound of the water crashing, the cool mist on your skin, and sight of water cascading through the air and over stones brings relaxation and a sense of peace. For the moment, this peace seems endless, like the running water.

Water features, and especially waterfalls, are beautiful landscape additions that many in our city are making part of their backyards. These features help create that sense of relaxation and peace we can find out by creeks and waterfalls in the woods. As beautiful as a backyard water feature is, it will disappear at night just like any other landscape feature, and while you will still be able to hear it, the enchanting visual is lost once the sun sets. But with exquisite waterfall lighting from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte, your waterfall can work its magic, day or night.

Waterfall LightingJust as with tree lighting, there is an art to waterfall lighting. If the lighting is too bright, it can easily overpower the feature. When lighting a waterfall, we want light to blend with the water, creating a soft, diffused light. Using the right fixtures and positioning them correctly is key to getting this effect. For waterfall lighting, we place cast brass pond lights underwater. Depending on the desired effect, we can position lights behind the waterfall, so that light diffuses through the fall itself to create a mesmerizing glisten and shimmer. We can also light the feature from beneath, causing light to shine up through the cascading water, highlighting the spot where the water splashes into you pond.

To light your waterfall, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte uses the highest quality fixtures. They are durable and completely submersible. Watertight gaskets ensure that all internal components remain dry and resist shorting out.  Just as all of our other lights, they are guaranteed, so you can rest assured that if any problem arises, we will remedy it quickly.

So if you are ready to make your water feature glisten with the best waterfall lighting, contact us today. We will ensure that your waterfall is not only heard at night but also seen – seen in the most enchanting light imaginable.