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Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte Keeps it Classy with Copper Fixtures

In Charlotte, we’ve got class. We are a booming city with some of the nation’s most architecturally pleasing homes. We take pride in tasteful landscaping. So does it make any sense to purchase sub-par fixtures for your home? Not in the least. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte prominently uses brass and copper fixtures for our outdoor lighting. Many competitors use aluminum or even plastic fixtures. Some may not see a big difference between the types initially. However, choosing copper and brass fixtures will make all the difference in the long run.

Imagine placing two different fixtures in your yard. One is copper and the other aluminum. On the outside they look relatively the same. Both are aesthetically pleasing, both are shiny and new, and both are firmly in place. But let’s put them to the test. A chaotic year full of storms and weather mishaps later, there they stand. The aluminum one is barely hanging on. It’s begun to chip and peel due to wear and tear. The fixture has rusted over and has lost its appeal. Because it’s aluminum, the water reacts to the components of the fixture and results in rust. It’s unappealing and fragile due to this chemical reaction.

Outdoor Lighting

The copper fixture, on the other hand, is standing tall. It hasn’t chipped, hasn’t peeled, and has not rusted.  Instead, it oxidizes and the copper begins to color slowly to a beautiful patina finish. It showcases subtle hues that blend beautifully into its surroundings. It becomes a welcomed, natural fixture that belongs in your landscape.

Pathway Lighting Fixture

Your Charlotte home and yard deserve the best.  Settling on anything less than the best only devalues the look of your home. Allow Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte the opportunity to design your lighting system in the Charlotte style and class that you deserve. Contact us today - we look forward to working with you!