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10 Outdoor Lighting Design Ideas to Transform Your Wilmington Home and Property into a Nighttime Dreamscape!

North Carolinians love spending time outdoors. Hot summer days at the beach encourage surfing, sunning, kayaking, fishing, and boating, while winter afternoons are the best for hiking, biking, and cooking out in the backyard. After sunset, the warm summer nights and moderate winter nights are just perfect for spending time on the deck or patio with friends and family. Whether you’re uncorking a bottle of wine, cracking open a six-pack with friends, or you just want a quiet dinner on the deck with your number one – these outdoor lighting design ideas are sure to help you make the most of gorgeous Wilmington nights.

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Wilmington Outdoor Lighting Ideas

Outdoor living at night is a backyard endeavor; however, you first have to safely find your way to your favorite outdoor living spaces. Check out these important outdoor lighting design ideas for making nighttime navigation a breeze.

Post Lights

Post lights are a fantastic way to add character and charm to your front yard. While providing subtle illumination near your driveway or sidewalk, post lights enhance the whimsy. Post lights draw your guests' eyes to its classic decorative charm and help them find their way around your property.

Path Lighting

It is not enough to have a single post light near your driveway. Path lighting and walkway lighting will help make sure every step is a safe one. Path lighting also pulls double-duty by highlighting your gorgeous shrubbery, flowers, and all your garden beds.

palm treeTree Lighting

All the glorious types of trees in the Coastal Carolina region deserve to shine at night. It just so happens trees make perfect focal points for a variety of landscape lighting designs, adding beauty and visibility to your property. We are experts in tree lighting for your majestic Live Oaks and Maples, as well as palm tree lighting for any variety of palm trees on your property.

Outdoor Lighting for Living

Enjoying your outdoor living spaces after dark is easier with outdoor lighting. Consider these amazing outdoor lighting design ideas to enhance your deck, patio, pool, and other living spaces.

LED Tiki Lights

backyard lightingForget the function for a minute. Let’s talk about form. LED tiki lights add fun tropical vibes to any backyard space but with just the flip of a switch. While they look like all fun, our copper or brass tiki lights actually come with a canister for citronella and a wick for optional light by flame. After all, what is a tiki torch without some fire?

Wilmington Pool Lighting

There is nothing quite like hanging around the swimming pool at night. It can provide a perfect tranquil background for an evening under the stars. And let us not underestimate the power of a night swim or soak after a long day at work. With stunning pool lighting by the experts at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington, you can enjoy all the benefits of owning a swimming pool at night.

Backyard Lighting

With a variety of patio, deck, and landscape lighting, our experts make backyard lighting look easy! With the soft subtle light around all of your living spaces and the surrounding landscaping, you can enjoy every inch of your backyard as much at night as you do during the day.

Fire Pit Lighting

Have you ever struggled to find where you set your cup while enjoying a night around the fire? Or worse yet, have you ever kicked it over? With the addition of fire pit lighting, you can see clearly to travel in and out of the house and avoid spilling your drinks. Our hardscape lighting is perfect for almost any fire pit for a soft glow that makes nights around the fire better than ever.

Outdoor Kitchen Lighting

The Leave it to Beaver days of dinner on the table at five sharp is not realistic for most families. That means dinner can often be cooked after sunset. In the Carolinas, that means grilling out after dark. We can make that way easier with customized outdoor kitchen lighting for your griller, smoker, or flat top. Whether you have a full kitchen and wet bar or something else, our team can create a lighting design to help the grill master stay at it all night!

Turtle-Friendly Lighting

Do you live right on the beach? Don’t fret; we are experts in dark sky compliant outdoor lighting too! As the beneficiaries of the gorgeous beaches of North Carolina, it is our responsibility to protect all its inhabitants.

Outdoor Lighting for Pets

Dogs, cats, or otherwise, keeping your pets safe while they enjoy some fresh night air is important. Our team has a variety of outdoor lighting techniques that can fit any property type for keeping your pets safe at night while allowing you to keep an eye on them!

BONUS Outdoor Lighting Design Ideas #1: Vacation Rental Outdoor Lighting

Many homeowners on the coast offer their beach homes for land-dwellers to rent. Our team specializes in all the best lighting for your vacation rental. If the big draw to your vacation property is a swimming pool, a dock on the Intercoastal, or maybe a sand volleyball court – whatever the case may be, we have the best vacation rental lighting to increase your occupancy rates and keep families coming back year after year.

If you’re ready to add new lighting to your Wilmington area home – please call our talented team today. We offer free nighttime demonstrations, so you can see your home transformed before you make big outdoor lighting decisions.