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Church Light Shines in the Darkness

Enhancing our church homes with outdoor lighting sends a strong message of presence to the community. When our houses of worship reflect outwardly the warmth that is felt inwardly, they become a natural draw to church members and visitors alike. By focusing the outdoor lighting on the beauty of the building’s structure and accompanying landscape, we become architects in an overarching sense of harmony and place.

Stunning, lighting befitting of St. Dominic’s Church in Shaker Heights OH

Make an Entrance

Creating a welcoming entrance is paramount in outdoor church lighting. Many times, it is the first thing that visitors will see in the evening, and it offers your first impression at a glance. A darkened church entrance is very intimidating. Conversely, an entrance that is too bright is also intimidating, for one should not have to squint to open the doors and come in. With a well thought out design, key features, like impressive columns, are illuminated to enhance the majesty of the house of worship. Above all else, you want your entrance easily accessible and radiating a sense of warmth and hospitality.

Lighting the way to your door
church lighting northern Ohio

Signs that Guide

From a practical standpoint, church signage should be a critical element within your outdoor lighting considerations. Church members, visitors and the community at large need to be able to easily read your name, service times, and, if applicable, other pertinent information. Many houses of worship have multiple, directional or instructional signs throughout the property. These are best brought to light with feature uplighting. If your signage is under two feet in height, path or garden lighting can be used to softly guide footsteps down the right path.

No side left un-illuminated
church lighting Shaker Heights OH

Anchored in light

Proper church lighting in Cleveland and Northern OH will ensure that the entire structure is surrounded in light. Through the use periphery lighting, path lighting and column lighting, church members can come and go at through multiple entrances, with no hassle or confusion. By illuminating all sides of the building, it is easier for visitors to find your location, which adds to your facilities overall sense of welcome.

Steeple lighting
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Steeple Lighting

What is the purpose of a steeple? Some would say to draw your gaze to the heavens. Others believe they are beacons, literally pointing the way for the traveler to find a place to pray. In many parts of Northern Ohio, steeples are the highest points of reference. With accent lighting and wash lighting, you can guarantee that your steeple will glisten like a crown on your house of worship. Simply put: all steeples should be illuminated, for, more than anything, a steeple is like a candle: lighting the way home.

Statuary lighting
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Statuary Lighting

Many times in a church community, a lovely statue or piece of outdoor art is given in honor of someone much loved within that local group. Especially in churches, this beautiful statuary can have a significant spiritual meaning as well and is meant to evoke a truth or story that can hold various and layered meanings and emotions to those looking at the artwork. Statuary lighting provides the opportunity for this artwork to radiate long after dark and adds to the beauty, not only of the property it resides on, but to the overall neighborhood and community’s ambiance as well.

Parking lot lighting for your Cleveland and Northern Ohio lots
parking lot lighting northern ohio

Parking Lighting: Safety and Security

With proper illumination, our parking lots calmly project an atmosphere of safety. Deep shadows in parking lots are troublesome things, in part because objects, which we would easily notice in daylight, are hidden and blurred in darkness. Falling injuries from dents or dips in the paving or even mild debris, such as gravel or twigs, can be of serious concern, not only to an aging population, but also to young families with children. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio, we work closely with our clients to design and create just the right balance of soft, warm lighting: pleasant, reassuring, and safe.

Second to safety, security is a significant added benefits of outdoor parking lighting. In Cleveland and surrounding communities, we all are familiar with places, whether they are a house of worship or a business, that due to poor, or no, illuminated parking generates feelings of uneasiness. Post lighting combined with path lighting creates year-round beauty and security. Parishioners and guests alike can come and go into the sanctuary without the concern of unknown creatures or mischief-makers surprising them unawares.

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