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Deck & Patio Lighting in Northern Ohio

The weather is beautiful. It’s a clear night and the star gazing is perfect. But you have nowhere to sit and enjoy it all. Your family has to pull you off your deck during the day but they may as well put a sign up that says “deck closed” after nightfall because it is not usable after dark. It doesn’t need to be that way. Your deck can be beautifully illuminated ensuring that you can enjoy your deck any time of day you’d like.

deck lighting Solon Ohio

There are a couple important components to illuminating your Cleveland area deck. The first task is functional lighting to ensure you can get to and move about your deck safely. This lighting includes lighting selected posts with copper dome post lights. Notice in the picture above that only select posts have lighting. It’s important to ensure the task is accomplished without including so much light that all of the evening ambiance is gone.

Notice in the image below how the stair rail lighting is also gently illuminated to ensure safe footing while not compromising the romantic feel of this space at night.

deck lighting Chagrin Fall

Your lighting designer will take into account accomplishing the function of using your space at night and the aesthetic objective of keeping the space beautifully romanced with just the right amount of light. For example, in the image below, you can see how the post light provides enough illumination for the adjoining deck surface as well. This is by design. During your free demonstration, the lighting designer moves temporary fixtures around to accomplish the look and other objectives you are seeking to accomplish.

The next objective is to ensure the stairs, walkways and paths have the proper lighting to ensure safety and also to ensure those areas are used. Homeowners always tell us that any structure or space remote in their yard is not used at night because family and guests cannot safely find their way to the space. We will work with you to design stairway lighting and path lighting so your deck is as enjoyable during the day as at night.

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After all of the functional lighting is completed, the next thing to consider is illuminating the adjoining structures. Take a look at the fence wall below. The homeowners chose this wall as a natural fence. During the day, the beauty of the wall is part of their pool-area enjoyment. That doesn’t have to be sacrificed at night.

deck lighting Chagrin Falls Ohio

Fence lighting isn’t always at a poolside area. You may have decorative fencing or fencing along the front or back border of your property. There are several techniques that are utilized to illuminate your fence depending on whether the fence is important just aesthetically or whether homeowners and guests also have to navigate to and through the fence. With iron fencing, gentle illumination is used to create depth and shadow. With rock wall barriers, wall lights and uplights on the wall create an ambiance as well as illuminating the fence line for safety and security.

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