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Twinsburg OH LED landscape lighting and outdoor lighting is what makes the beautiful homes in our community come to life at night.

There’s a reason Twinsburg has racked up spots on so many best places to live reports. In 2015, it came in #22 in Time Magazine’s Best Places to live. It came in #38 in the same list only 2 years earlier. Twinsburg is Summit County Ohio’s charming small town that makes nationwide lists because of its charm, livability and community.

Picturesque is the way Time Magazine describes our town. Nearby Reminderville embodies its own similar charm. It’s a town where residents want to put down roots and stay. Homes are well taken care of, lawns are manicured and our investments are treasured. What better way to enjoy your treasure than to add outdoor lighting and landscape lighting? It’s a shame to only enjoy the view of your beautiful home during the day. When you arrive home in the evening, outdoor lighting makes your home stand out. LED landscape lighting illuminates your most prized trees and lights up important safety areas such as pathways and walkways.

outdoor lighting Twinsburg Ohio

If you are considering adding outdoor lighting to your Twinsburg or Reminderville area home, you want to choose your outdoor lighting contractor carefully. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we have been serving the Northern Ohio area for almost 20 years. We have illuminated hundreds of area homes and know just how to light up the best parts of your home’s facade, your garden and your landscaping.


1. Start with architectural facade lighting. Illuminating the facade of your home allows your beautiful home to be seen at night. Additionally, this is an excellent way to set your home apart from other homes on your street. Custom-designed outdoor lighting is our specialty, after all.
2. Make sure your outdoor lighting company is aware of any security concerns. Law enforcement experts confirm that dark areas and corners are where likely intruders hide.
3. Let your outdoor lighting company know how you use your yard at night. Do you always use a side door to enter? Do you have a backyard outdoor living space you want to make sure can be enjoyed at night?
4. Consider safety. Do you have an outdoor walkway that could cause people to trip at night because of uneven pavement, low steps or another impediment to safe footing?
5. Point out your favorite parts of the yard. Perhaps you have a beloved live oak or Japanese Maple. Maybe your prized roses just off the patio are one of your beloved parts of the yard. Perhaps the old rock wall at the back of your yard is a favorite part of your yard. Tell your lighting professional. They will ensure that your lighting design is customized just for you.

path lighting Twinsburg Ohio

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we provide a free nighttime demonstration. We come to your home, walk your property with you, listen to your needs and design your lighting just for you. We then set up temporary lights for you to see exactly how it will look. After you sign off, we order and install all your lights so you don’t have to do a thing.

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