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While You May Take Pathway Lighting for Granted in Solon, OH, We Know it Creates Safety

Pathway lighting may be the most underappreciated form of professional outdoor lighting, but it’s a workhorse. It falls within the array of landscape lighting services we provide in Solon, OH, and throughout the greater Cleveland area. When we design and install landscape lighting for our clients, pathway lighting is almost always included in the project. Other forms of landscape lighting take center stage, though, usually because they seem more dramatic. In that situation, pathway lighting may feel like an afterthought, or nonessential. Nothing could be farther from the truth!

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Making Safety One of Your Goals for Landscape Lighting at Your Home

Before Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio designs a landscape lighting plan for your yard, and before any lights are installed, we talk with you about your goals for outdoor lighting. Each home is unique, and homeowners have a variety of reasons they want to add landscape lighting to their property. The undeniable beauty of it is usually a primary motivation. Whether you call it nighttime curb appeal or just stunning, landscape lighting can make an elegant impression. And right there is where pathway lighting can be overlooked – by homeowners, but not by your outdoor lighting professionals.

When we first meet with you and talk about your goals for landscape lighting, if you don’t bring up pathway lighting, we will. It’s that important. Every Solon, OH, home should have pathway lighting. Gentle LED lights, low to the ground, should grace every walkway, driveway and path at your home. We call the purpose of these useful but overlooked lights safe passage. You want that.

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While pathway lighting will contribute to the overall impression that you have a beautifully-illuminated home, its primary purpose is safety. Think for a moment about how easy it is to trip and fall on a brick walkway if even a tiny edge of brick juts out. Do you have stepping stones along a path in your yard? While they are quaint and make a lovely contribution to the garden, they can become uneven and dangerous. Finally, think about the driveway. Pathway lighting along your driveway will keep your guests – and your teenagers – from driving off the pavement and into the bushes by mistake.

Finding the Best Pathway Lighting Installer in Solon, OH

Right now you are looking at the website of the best pathway lighting installer in Solon, OH. We are Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio. We’ve been installing outdoor lighting, landscape lighting and pathway lighting in the Solon, OH, area for more than a dozen years. Outdoor lighting is all we do, and we are very good at it. Our lighting designers are skilled, trained and talented, and the same can be said for our technicians. When you specialize in a field like this, you become the experts that homeowners look to for a job done well.

Our approach to pathway lighting is to keep it subtle but effective. You don’t need a row of bright lights lining your driveway or the walkway to your front door. We will not try to install a runway at your home. No planes will land there as a result of our work. All we want to do is gently illuminate your pathways so your family and guests can see where they are placing each foot, one step at a time, as they walk through your yard. As your pathway lighting installer in Solon, OH, we feel responsible for your safety.

To find out why Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio is the premier pathway lighting installer in Solon, OH, call us or email us and we will get right back to you.