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Professional Landscape Lighting Showcases Your Medina, OH, Landscape All Year Long

Medina, OH, has more than its share of beautiful homes, and at night the most beautiful of all are the ones with professional landscape lighting. Year-round landscape lighting is one way to ensure your home maintains nighttime curb appeal! Even more enticing, though, is the warm welcome you receive when you return home to your beautifully-illuminated yard after dark. Whether you’re coming in from work, shopping or a holiday pageant, the cheerful greeting of landscape lighting never fails. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio wants you to have the nighttime curb appeal and warm greeting provided by professionally designed and installed landscape lighting.

Landscape lighting gives you more than curb appeal, though.

Landscape Lighting Showcases The Most Beautiful Features of Your Medina, OH, Landscape

  • If you have ornamental trees, uplighting into their leaves and branches can be exquisitely beautiful. We have different lighting techniques for different types of trees and other plantings.
  • If your passion is gardening, landscape lighting can feature your flowers in their glory. When you see your gardens illuminated at night, you’ll love the way their colors glow.
  • If you have any statues or other art pieces in your yard, landscape lighting can gently highlight them against the nighttime backdrop of darkness for a stunning effect.

stone water feature lighting

  • If you have a fountain or pond, add landscape lighting to create magic there.
  • If you love the effects of outdoor holiday lighting, you’ll love how landscape lighting can provide the warmth of holiday lighting all year long!

Landscape Lighting Gives You More Time Each Evening To Enjoy Your Outdoor Living Spaces

Even if it’s too cold during the winter and you don’t give outdoor spaces much thought this time of year, think ahead to spring, summer and fall. During those seasons when you treasure the time you spend outdoors at home, landscape lighting can extend the number of hours you’ll enjoy the outdoors each night. Whether you have a deck, patio, pool or all of the above, landscape lighting makes all the difference after dark.

No longer will darkness send you indoors. Dining outdoors is more enjoyable when you have the special ambiance landscape lighting can provide. Entertaining outdoors is more fun with landscape lighting, especially if you include festive string lighting!

patio lighting with stairs and landscape enhancement

Landscape Lighting Increases Safety Around Your Yard At Night

Pathway lighting isn’t something people talk about, but it can be quite a valuable addition to your yard for safety’s sake. If you have any walkways or pathways laid out on your property, pathway lighting is essential. This includes a brick or paver walkway from your driveway to the porch front door. It also includes those stepping stones through your garden.

With pathway lighting you can provide safe passage for family and guests alike. No one likes the idea of taking a tumble because of an uneven paver or stepping stone. Eliminate that danger by providing illumination where people will be walking. Do you have an outdoor fireplace situated a distance away from your patio or deck? Pathway lighting will allow your guests to have sure footing as they gravitate to the magic of an outdoor fire feature.

patio lighting for safety

Let Us Handle Your Landscape Lighting Installation in Medina, OH

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio has been designing and installing landscape lighting around Medina, OH, and all of Northern Ohio for more than a dozen years. Have you ever noticed a yard with landscape lighting that makes you say, “Wow,” and then noticed one that just makes you shrug? That is the difference professional outdoor lighting design and installation makes.

Our outdoor lighting designers and installers are one of the advantages we offer compared to other outdoor lighting companies. These lighting designers and technicians are talented and trained. With their skills based in experience, they will draw up and implement the perfect landscape lighting design for your yard. Every one of our lighting plans is custom designed for one home, because every home is unique.

Before we design landscape lighting for you, we will carefully study your property. We will also ask you to show us what features in your yard are your favorites. It’s important that landscape lighting be pleasing to you as well as to your friends and neighbors. When you call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio for your landscape lighting installation in Medina, OH, prepare to be very pleased!