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Cleveland landscape lighting, garden lighting and tree lighting

Landscape lighting consists of several different types of lighting and encompasses all the different areas on the grounds of your property. Below, we will look at each of the different types of landscape lighting we offer.

Northern Ohio tree lighting

Designing landscape lighting for tree areas is not as simple as you may think. One of the most overlooked design areas is determining which trees to illuminate. Many lighting companies will come in and shine a bright spot light at a row of trees. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio, we don’t use bright spot lights to cover large areas. We don’t use bright spotlights at all. Well designed outdoor tree lighting gently illuminates the desired trees in a way that creates the effect you’re looking for. If you have a large yard with many trees in different areas, we might recommend the selection of a few key areas for your tree lighting. Or, perhaps you have a focal tree in your yard that just begs for amazing lighting.

There are multiple lighting effects we can recommend and employ based on your goals. We can illuminate the trunk to accentuate a tall grand tree. We can illuminate the canopy for trees with a wide and beautiful canopy. We can also create a moonlighting effect by placing lighting in the tree

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Outdoor living area lighting

Excuse the pun but outdoor fire features are hot, hot, hot. Many of our customers have beautiful outdoor living areas incorporating fire features such as fire pits, outdoor fireplaces, and outdoor grilling and cooking areas. You’ve invested in your outdoor area and you should be able to enjoy it as long into the night as you want to. Outdoor lighting not only opens up that space at night but it also sets a different mood. Soft romantic lighting creates an ambiance that can’t be replicated with direct sunlight. This allows you to enjoy your space in all kinds of light.

There are a few different options for lighting your space. As you see, under lighting is a great technique. It defines the space without overpowering it with light. It helps with sure footing in getting to the space and illuminates the area where you want to cook, serve food, or rest your beverage.

Another technique for your outdoor living space is lighting around the perimeter. Our clients always tell us that if a specific area of their yard isn’t illuminated, nobody will go. If you have a pool that’s set back from your home, an evening or after-dark swim sounds wonderful but nobody wants to swim in a completely dark area. Lighting the perimeter will do the trick and open that space up for evening enjoyment.

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Pergola lighting

Pergolas are so popular and for good reason! They are a little more economical to build than an open porch or roof area. They are delightful to look at and they do provide a nice measure of sun protection. They can come in so many shapes and sizes and can be positioned in various areas on your property. Typically, our customers use their pergola area for a seating area or an eating area. As you see below, this pergola is used for eating. These homeowners came to us and asked us for custom lighting for the area. Because we have an exclusive relationship with a USA lighting manufacturer, we were able to have custom lights designed that we installed. The copper fixtures look beautiful when installed and patina beautifully.

Your outdoor lighting consultant will provide great ideas but don’t forget to also illuminate the area around your pergola.

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Outdoor fireplace and water feature lighting

There’s nothing comparable to the soothing sound of trickling water. Nowadays, Cleveland area homeowners don’t need to live near a meandering brook to have the sound of trickling water in their backyard. Area companies design and build beautiful custom water features like the one you see below.

How many times have you heard the say “the difference between night and day”? We all know that water is spectacular during the day. But water features seem twice as wonderful at night. Just as there is something mesmerizing about listening to water, there is something equally as mesmerizing about watching water flow from space to space.

We love designing and installing water feature lighting for our Cleveland area customers. You can see that behind the space pictured below is an outdoor fireplace – another mesmerizer. Perhaps the only thing more mesmerizing than trickling water is dancing flames. Outdoor fireplaces provide their own natural outdoor lighting but often not enough to illuminate the area where they reside. They likely reside at the end of a patio. We can illuminate the patio area and/or the surrounding landscaping to ensure safe footing for the area and to make sure guests can see each other well while enjoying that space in the evening.

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Driveway lighting

If you’ve ever driven with your bright lights on, you know the difference between seeing only what’s immediately in front of you and illuminating the path in front of you. Driveway lighting serves the purpose of lighting the entire path. Your Northern Ohio driveway does not need to be long and winding to necessitate nighttime illumination. You will want to think about having enough light when the driver and passengers emerge and the car lights are no longer on. Driveway lighting is also beautiful. If you think about it, there are more reasons we light the entry to our homes than just to make sure people can get in and out safely. Lighting the entrance welcomes people. It shows them the way and welcomes them in. Well designed driveway lighting helps to accomplish this objective.

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Pool lighting

We all remember the pool parties of our youth – Marco Polo, floaties and cannonballs. Nighttime provides opportunities for a different kind of pool party. Your pool is a great place to congregate even when you’re not swimming and pool lighting makes that happen. Gone are the perimeter lights that stuck out of the ground at inopportune places and were tripping hazards. We design pool lighting for Cleveland area homeowners so they can enjoy the space and the surrounding features such as landscaping, walkways, cabanas, pergolas, patios and more.

Cleveland Ohio landscape lighting

Patio lighting

If you’ve invested in a patio, you might have a hard time envisioning patio lighting that doesn’t get in the way. In fact there are quite a few options. Under bench lighting is one great option. Illuminating the surrounding flower beds and landscaping is another great option. The most important thing is a professional outdoor lighting design.

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