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Landscape Lighting Installation in Shaker Heights, Ohio

Landscape lighting is a broad term that covers several different kinds and uses of outdoor lighting. In Shaker Heights, OH, landscape lighting is especially popular in front yards, but we advise homeowners not to overlook their back yards. Behind your home, landscape lighting benefits you and your family the most, while lighting in the front of your home makes the greatest impression on visitors, neighbors and passersby.

Let’s look at the most popular uses of landscape lighting in Shaker Heights, OH.

Landscape Lighting at the Front of Your Home Welcomes Guests and Increases Safety

When you have landscape lighting professionally designed and installed in your front yard, your home is framed by gentle lighting seen from the street. We often call this effect “nighttime curb appeal.” The most noticeable effect is how welcoming your home appears to guests – and even to you as you return each evening!

To achieve this welcoming glow with landscape lighting, we highlight some of the shrubs in front of your home as well as a few trees in the yard. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio is always careful to design a tasteful and subdued lighting display to enhance your home, not overwhelm it.

Pathway lighting is a form of landscape lighting that’s extremely important in the front of your home. The most obvious application is along the walkway and steps up to the house. Using our smaller lighting fixtures, we create illumination along the pathway to increase safety for your family and guests. Driveway lighting is a form of path lighting, too, that we install in the landscaping that lines your driveway. Whether people are driving or walking up your driveway, they will appreciate the beauty and practicality of driveway lighting.

Backyard Landscape Lighting in Shaker Heights, OH, Increases Use of Outdoor Living Spaces

While landscape lighting in your back yard serves many purposes, the most astonishing is how much it increases the amount of time you will spend outdoors after dark. When Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio designs a landscape lighting plan for your outdoor living areas, suddenly your leisure-time outdoor spaces get a usability boost. Many homeowners are surprised – pleasantly so! – by this effect, and they love it!

To custom-design landscape lighting for your back yard, we take the features of your Shaker Heights landscape into consideration as a whole, rather than considering trees, shrubs and gardens in isolation. We pay special attention to landscaping around your outdoor living areas for patio lighting, deck lighting and pool lighting. Pathway lighting is important in the back yard if you have walkways leading from one area of the yard to another. A perfect example would be a path leading to an outdoor fireplace or fire pit.

Your back yard serves as our lighting designer’s canvas. We create a lighting design around the ways you use your back yard, whether that is for relaxation, dining or entertaining – or all three, of course!

Landscape lighting creates the ambiance you want to experience outdoors. Tree lighting is especially effective and we have several lighting techniques to enhance the beauty of your trees. We usually select a few trees to highlight with great effect. Depending on the unique characteristics of each tree we illuminate, we may highlight a tree’s trunk or canopy or we may place lights high up among the leaves and branches. This last effect, used sparingly, is called moonlighting. With moonlighting you can have a full moon in your back yard every night of the year!

Make Outdoor Lighting Perspectives Your Landscape Lighting Installer

If you have been searching for the right landscape lighting installer, you have found us. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio has been pleasing Shaker Heights homeowners for more than a dozen years. To read our customer reviews, scroll to the bottom of our Home page or look at the Customer Reviews page on our website. Our customers love that we offer a free design consultation and that we consider the homeowner’s goals for outdoor lighting essential to our design process.

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