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Can you imagine the Cleveland Indians playing the World Series NOT under the lights?

Wahoo! The Cleveland Indians are in the World Series. It has been a long time since our win in 1948 but 2016 is going to be our year! Picture from website.

Black and white image of a stadium filled with people

Back in 1948, Cleveland residents waited outside Cleveland Stadium for tickets paying $5 – $10 for tickets. Fast forward 68 long years when Cleveland fans and anytime residents are stuck clicking the refresh button on a number of ticket resale websites for the games at Progressive Field. As of this writing – our big day Oct 25th 2016, tickets for tonight are going for over $700. That doesn’t include the cost of parking passes, and of course the World Series memorabilia every devoted Indians fan will purchase at the stadium.

As Americans “under the lights” has very special significance. Say that phrase and Americans everywhere will think of regular Friday night games, fathers and sons attending ball games and big freaking huge awesome World Series baseball games! Can you imagine a World Series game not under the lights? We can all picture watching those gigantic towers of lights switch on. Sometimes it’s one after another as we watch from light tower to light tower. Sometimes they make an audible click as they switch on. Sometimes they hum as they come to life. Sometimes they ramp up slowly before hitting full illumination. But there’s one thing that never changes. Lights are as much a part of the experience as beer, dogs and popcorn.

If you weren’t lucky enough to score some tickets, you may be planning on watching from home and you certainly are not planning on doing it alone. If you have the ultimate setup, you are watching on your patio or deck. You’ve figured out how to roll out your gigantic screen TV. Your dogs are certainly not the same but they are a little bit less expensive. Beer will never taste the same as it does in those cheap plastic cups. Be heartened that you can ice your mugs in the freezer to make sure your home viewing experience has as much of the “experience” as you can possibly re-create.

If you already have outdoor lighting in your backyard, you are really enjoying that decision tonight! Imagine the memories you’ll have watching the next 6 games under your own lights. You will remember the next few nights for a long time. These memories will be burned into your mind along with the mental picture of your yard, your big TV, your outdoor lighting and your friends.

If you don’t have outdoor lighting already installed on your patio or deck area, now is the time to set up a consultation so you don’t miss the next opportunity to watch a huge Cleveland sports game under your own lights. There are no parking fees at your house. Your buddies don’t need to pay for the beer unless you’re a cheapskate and you can all purchase your World Series winner t-shirts after we win!

We provide a free outdoor lighting consultation so you can see what your ultimate outdoor stadium will look like. While we can’t have new lighting installed in the next week, we can install your new outdoor lighting in time for regular ball nights with your buddies at your friends top choice back yard – yours.

Tim, Owner and huge Indians fan