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North Royalton Homes, Old or New, Always Look Their Best with Landscape Lighting

While North Royalton, OH, celebrates its rich history dating back to the early 1800s, the city appreciates modern conveniences that make life a little better – for example, landscape lighting. Whether your home is historical or freshly built with vaulted ceilings and cathedral windows, landscape lighting offers a modern way to increase your old-fashioned enjoyment of home, sweet home.

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Landscape Lighting Serves Many Purposes

Landscape lighting frames your home by highlighting the beauty of your landscape all around it. Seen from the street, landscape lighting signals neighbors, friends and passers-by that there is more here than just a house. Think of your house as a jewel and the surrounding landscape as the attractive setting that enhances its beauty.

What kind of setting does your landscape provide for your home? Whatever the features of your home’s landscape – trees, shrubs, gardens, water features or fire features, etc. – every element will be enhanced by professional landscape lighting.

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Welcoming guests: Carefully-placed landscape lighting seen from the street welcomes your guests graciously. Taking your preferences to heart, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio will custom design a beautiful landscape lighting plan to create a warm and welcoming glow. Our landscape lighting is always tasteful, never garish or glaring. We know that a little outdoor lighting goes a long way, especially in the front of your North Royalton home.

Increasing safety: Many people don’t realize that landscape lighting is a safety feature when you have lights installed along pathways and even along the driveway. While the effects of these lights, installed close to the ground, add a dramatic swath to your walkways, their other purpose is safety. Once you have pathway lighting installed, your guests will be able to “watch their step” rather than feel about in the darkness for even ground.

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Showcasing landscape features: Do you have a fountain, pond or waterfall in your yard? How about statues or other forms of art outdoors? A graceful wrought-iron bench with a ceramic rabbit? A dramatic outdoor fireplace or fire pit? Do you have a few trees that are especially beautiful, even show-stoppers like Japanese maple? A few lights strategically placed to highlight these landscape features means you can enjoy them more every evening. Don’t let them disappear in darkness.

Increasing enjoyment of outdoor living spaces: Our professional landscape lighting designers are skilled at choosing the perfect light fixtures for enhancing your deck, patio or pool areas. The LED lights we use are so energy efficient they cost little to operate, but the ambiance they add to your outdoor living areas is priceless. Prepare to be amazed at how much more time you’ll spend outdoors once you have landscape lighting installed.

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Look to Us as Your Landscape Lighting Installer in North Royalton OH

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio is the smart choice for your landscape lighting installer in North Royalton OH. We’ve been lighting homes and landscapes in the northern Ohio area for more than a dozen years and have hundreds of satisfied customers to show for it.

To read some of their reviews, scroll down to the bottom of the Home page on our website or click through to the customer reviews.

Here are a few of the reasons to select Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio to install landscape lighting at your home:

We are devoted to outdoor lighting: North Royalton OH homeowners deserve the best landscape lighting installers, which is why you want a dedicated outdoor lighting company. Other companies like landscapers and electricians will offer landscape lighting as a service, but it’s a side job for them. If you want the best results from your landscape lighting, be sure to select a company that specializes in outdoor lighting design and installation.

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We provide the complete range of lighting services: As true professionals, we offer landscape lighting design, installation and maintenance. We even offer an annual maintenance plan to keep your lighting in perfect condition. Maintenance during the first year is included with your initial installation, and after the first year, the maintenance cost is very reasonable. We come back after winter and check all of the fixtures, wiring and the design layout to restore any equipment that falling branches or roaming wildlife might have knocked astray.

We use the best equipment and offer the best warranties: We use high-quality brass and copper fixtures in our landscape lighting designs. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives provides warranties on transformers, LED bulbs and fixtures. You will not find better warranties with another lighting company.

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