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If You Must Worry, Then Worry, But Not About Outdoor Lighting Maintenance

With the outdoor lighting system maintenance Solon, OH, has come to rely on, your lighting maintenance truly is worry-free. That’s added value for you.

Do you dread home maintenance when spring rolls around, or do you look forward to it as a way of welcoming a preferred season? Snow melts, plants thrust light-green shoots upward, and mud rules. Whether you welcome spring chores or put them off, there’s one you don’t need to worry about: maintenance of your outdoor lighting system. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio does that for you.

If you purchased your professionally-designed and -installed outdoor lighting system from us, this is not news to you. It may even be one of the reasons you chose us to design and install your custom outdoor lighting.

However, if you don’t know that much about Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, here’s one thing you should know: We do maintenance. We call our comprehensive outdoor lighting maintenance program the Annual Maintenance Plan (AMP).

When “Annual” Doesn’t Mean Just Once a Year

From the name, you might think we only come back out to your home once a year to check the condition of your lighting. Is that all? Not exactly! One thing you need to know is we include the first year of annual maintenance with the purchase of your outdoor lighting system. We design and install your lighting, and at any point during that first year if your system needs service, we take care of it. Just give us a call.

As the name Annual Maintenance Plan implies, we do focus on a list of maintenance tasks about this time each year. But there’s more to the plan than that.

First, let’s look at what our Annual Maintenance Plan covers

  • Fixtures: Review the position of each fixture and straighten them as needed
  • Bulb replacement: Replace any bulbs that need to be switched out
  • Timers: Check and reset timers according to the homeowner’s desired schedule
  • Wires: Repair and rebury any wires that have surfaced
  • Connections: Check transformers, connections and voltage levels
  • Landscaping: Trim landscaping that has grown up around fixtures and is obstructing light
  • Warranty: Extend the warranty coverage on your system
  • Priority Service: Provide priority response and repairs at no charge

Notice that last item: priority response and repairs. This is where you grasp the full value of our maintenance plan. At any time during the year, if you discover something amiss with your outdoor lighting, call us. (1) We will assign your issue priority status. (2) We won’t charge you for repairs.

So, yes, we come out to your home once each year, at a minimum. And yes, if you need us, we will come back more often than that.

Year 2: What to Expect

After your year of free maintenance, we suggest you renew your Annual Maintenance Plan. The cost is reasonable and the service is well worth the expense. As outlined above, our professional lighting technicians return once a year and give your system a thorough going-over. We come back any time you call us with an issue or concern during the year. We have the best maintenance plan of any company in the outdoor lighting industry.

You may not see our technicians as often during the year as you would have in the past. That’s because we mainly work with LED bulbs now, and those don’t have to be changed as often.

Note: If you have a halogen lighting system, give us a call to talk about retrofitting your system to LED for significant energy savings.

If you’re looking for worry-free outdoor lighting maintenance, consider the outdoor lighting system maintenance Solon, OH, relies on. You will not find a better outdoor lighting maintenance plan.

Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio to ensure your outdoor lighting system hasn’t sustained any damage during these harsh winter months. We look forward to hearing from you soon!