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LED Landscape Lighting and LED Outdoor Lighting In Westlake Ohio

Westlake homeowners and small businesses alike value working with Cleveland-area companies that have local area expertise. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern OH has been serving this market for almost 20 years and has installed lighting for many Westlake homeowners.

Westlake has a stunning array of beautiful homes. Facades of hand-stacked stone, stucco and pallets of mixed-tone bricks are the just some of the signature architectural elements of local homes. We pride ourselves in illuminating each home’s unique features such as stately front columns, custom-made shutters, rows of dormers, two-story entrances, second-story balconies and multiple architectural reliefs. Well-designed Westlake OH LED facade lighting gently and romantically bathes the home in soft warm light.

outdoor lighting Westlake Ohio

In the photo of the home above, notice how the lighting illuminates the peaks of the unique roof lines. Notice the way the Hardie siding and stone are visible even at this hour of the night because they are gently illuminated. Note the way the path landscaping unfolds to reveal the front door which is well illuminated for safety and security.

pathway lighting in Westlake Ohio

The image above of Westlake LED landscape lighting illustrates how deftly placed genuine copper path lights bring the landscaping to light at night. Notice how you can see even the leaf detail through this veil of darkness. Just the right number of path lights are utilized to see the slab stone stairs for safe footing. The elegant copper fixtures accentuate the shrubbery while still directing focus to the task of ensuring the stairway is properly illuminated for traversing at night.

facade lighting Westlake Ohio

Take a look at the stucco home above with its multiple architectural reliefs and deft stone facade accents. Your eye is both drawn across each section of this facade while at the same time your eye is drawn to appreciate the entire length of the facade. The lighting design accentuates depth but also detail. Notice to the left side of the picture where the stone detail is noticeable even at this distance at night.

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