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Making Avon, OH, Irresistible After Dark – One Yard at a Time

Is your home one of the irresistible ones? When you drive through Avon, OH, after dark, the homes with the most pleasing outdoor lighting designs are the ones that draw your eye. They grab your attention and won’t let go. The best lighting designs make a home irresistible. You can’t help but stare, trying to understand what’s special about that particular home.

All of this is subliminal, of course. And if you’re driving, the experience may only last a few seconds. But you remember. Oh, yes, you remember.

Let Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio weave a spell around your home with the most beautiful outdoor lighting design in Avon, Ohio.

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How Do You Make Your Home Irresistible After Dark?

It starts with having a beautiful house and a beautiful, well-maintained yard. We’re going to assume you have already met these two requirements. Your home was probably designed by an architect. Who designed your landscape? Did you do that yourself, or did you hire a professional landscaper?

The next step is to engage a professional outdoor lighting company to create an amazing outdoor lighting design for your home. You need someone who knows how to work with light the way an artist works with a paintbrush. You need Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio to create your outdoor lighting design in Avon, Ohio. Our custom lighting design for your home will be unique, and your home will be irresistible after dark.

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Using Landscape Lighting to Collaborate with Nature

The magic of outdoor lighting design does not occur in a vacuum. Our professional landscape lighting designers start with raw materials: every tree, shrub, flower, and statue or fountain is a candidate. We’re very selective, though, because we don’t want to illuminate all of them. Effective lighting design works by creating a delicate balance between the objects we bring forward with light and those we send into the shadows.

Knowing which items to showcase and which will offset them is an art. Our lighting designers use the technique of perspective to create depth with light and shadow. Your yard is the canvas.

Not only do we collaborate with nature, we prefer to invite you into this collaboration, too. Which trees or plantings are your favorites? Which elements do you want to see brought forward and bathed in a wash of pleasing light? When you return home after dark, which tree, shrub, or piece of outdoor art would you have step forward to welcome you home? Together we will decide what to feature as we make your home and your yard irresistible to everyone who passes by.

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Guests Will Find Your Outdoor Living Spaces Irresistible, Too

Guests aren’t the only ones who will be drawn to your deck, patio, or pool deck. You will be affected as well. Even though we include you in the collaboration, when our work is done you will be helpless to resist. Your outdoor living spaces will become seductive each evening as the sun sets and the magic of our carefully-planned lighting design calls you outside.

We’ll bathe your outdoor fireplace in a dramatic swath of lighting. Not bright or glaring, but alluring. If your landscaping includes water features – fountains, a pond, your pool, a waterfall – your guests will escape to the outdoors as quickly as they can politely do so. We’ll intertwine light with the shrubbery surrounding your patio to beckon you and your guests outside. The only way you’ll be able to release the spell is to turn off all of your outdoor lighting … but why would you do that?

Make sure to rely on the local outdoor lighting design experts in Avon, Ohio. Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio today. We look forward to hearing from you soon!