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When Your Shaker Heights Yard Cries Out for Outdoor Lighting, it’s Time to Listen!

Springtime temperatures bring your Shaker Heights yard to life again every year. Professional outdoor lighting can bring your yard to life again every night, all year long.

Do you know who to call for the best professional outdoor lighting design in Shaker Heights, Ohio?

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio is the go-to lighting company for homeowners and commercial property owners in the greater Cleveland area, including Shaker Heights. We have installed and maintained so many outdoor lighting systems in your area, we may be nearby right now. You can’t just flag us down, though; you will need to call our office to schedule an appointment. (See our number below.)

What Part of Your Yard is Calling to You at Night?

For some homeowners, it’s the front yard, especially the area that frames your home’s façade. Architectural and façade lighting can boost your home’s nighttime curb appeal instantly, with the flip of a switch. If nighttime curb appeal is something you haven’t thought about, maybe it’s time you did!

Take a drive through your neighborhood, or through other Shaker Heights neighborhoods you admire. If you see homes with minimal or mediocre outdoor lighting, keep driving; keep looking. What you’re looking for are the homes with the most elegant illumination, the kind that looks planned, coordinated, and balanced. The word for this effect is designed. The most beautiful outdoor lighting design showcases a home and front yard as a complete picture. You can bet these homeowners called a professional outdoor lighting company to be sure the job was done right. They probably called Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio!

Not to Be Excluded, the Back Yard Calls for Outdoor Lighting, Too!

Perhaps you’re one of the Shaker Heights homeowners whose back yard that calls to you at night, saying, Come outside and play! How can you resist? Think of the fun you’re missing if you’re stuck inside on a beautiful spring or summer evening! Professional landscape lighting is the ticket to a back yard that’s fun and inviting after dark.

You won’t believe how much more you’ll use your outdoor living areas after you have landscape lighting installed there. The professional designers with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives know how to create a lighting effect that shows off the most beautiful parts of your yard. At the same time, they’re skilled enough to provide the illumination you need to enjoy outdoor activities. You won’t have to choose between beautiful illumination vs. practical lighting to see by. These two facets of outdoor lighting are intertwined.

Your Deck, Your Patio, Your Pool … Where Will You Spend Your Time After Dark?

As the weather warms up, why resist the temptation to linger outdoors after the sun has set? Cooking outdoors and dining al fresco take backyard enjoyment to a whole new level when you have the right lighting installed. Our experienced lighting designers incorporate light fixtures into your Shaker Heights landscape skillfully so the effects of the lighting are what capture your attention, not the fixtures themselves.

Of course, if you have a deck, patio, and pool, we suggest an outdoor lighting design that includes all of these areas for a cohesive effect. Do you entertain large groups? You’ll have the option to illuminate all three outdoor living areas to stimulate a flow of guests from one area to another. When you host an intimate dinner on the patio, you can choose to illuminate that one area and let the other two sections remain dark and mysterious. With lighting control automation, you’re in complete control of which fixtures are illuminated, and when.

Let us Take the Mystery Out of Outdoor Lighting Design in Shaker Heights, Ohio

If you’ve been hearing about low-voltage outdoor lighting, LED landscape lighting, or lighting control automation, and have questions about how these fit together, give us a call. We’ll be happy to meet with you and answer your questions. We offer a free design consultation to talk about what kind of outdoor lighting you might need, based on how you use – or would like to use – your yard after dark. The best outdoor lighting design in Shaker Heights, Ohio, the most reliable and professional outdoor lighting installation, is with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives. When you meet with us, you’ll understand why.

To bring your Shaker Heights home and landscape to life after dark, rely on the local outdoor lighting professionals. Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio today! We look forward to hearing from you soon!