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How Fast Can You Say, “Free Transformer”? With an Offer this Great, You Need to Call Soon!

It’s not every day we can offer a free transformer (a $500 value) with the purchase of a qualifying outdoor lighting system. This outdoor lighting system special in Solon, Ohio, will end when supplies are gone. Why wait and take a chance on missing such a great offer?

Now that you know about this special offer, there really is no good reason to wait. Does the idea of outdoor lighting at your Solon, OH, home sound great, but you’re not sure if you’re ready? Here’s the question we have to ask: Are you waiting for something in particular, or are you just hesitating before you act on this desire?

If you’ve seen homes in your Solon, OH, neighborhood with professionally designed and installed outdoor lighting, architectural lighting, or landscape lighting, you know how stunning the effects can be. Professional lighting like this transforms a home after dark. The important word here is professional. Outdoor lighting that was designed and installed by a homeowner, a grounds crew, a landscaper, or even an electrician who is not a skilled lighting designer won’t compare. You can tell the work of a professional outdoor lighting designer from the others with a quick glance. It’s that much better.

Here Is What You Should Know About This Limited-Time Special Offer of a Free Transformer:

  • If you’re waiting for the price to drop, that has happened. That time is now. With this special offer, you will save $500. The prices will not drop lower than this.
  • The free transformer we’re offering with this special is a top-quality stainless-steel transformer with a lifetime, transferrable warranty. It is valued at $500. That’s a sweet deal.
  • When supplies are gone, this offer will no longer be available. If you wait even a few days too long, you will miss it. You won’t be knocking yourself in the head because you could have had a glass of vegetable juice. You’ll be knocking yourself in the head because you could have had a free transformer.
  • If you don’t take advantage of this outdoor lighting system special in Solon, Ohio, while it’s available, you’ll still want an outdoor lighting system for your home. And you can still have that; it will just cost $500 more than it does now.

Call to Let Us Know if We Haven’t Addressed Your Concerns Here

We understand sometimes an offer like this sounds “too good to be true,” so you hesitate. You may be wondering if you actually need a transformer or if it’s some kind of add-on, perhaps optional equipment. You may be wondering if there’s a catch in the wording of our offer, “with the purchase of a qualifying outdoor lighting system.” Let us take a moment to address these concerns.

Not sure if you need a transformer? Actually, you do need it if you want an outdoor lighting system installed. The transformer is a key component of that lighting system. You could call it the heart of the system. Not only does it power the system, it includes integrated circuit breakers for directing precise power allocation to different lighting fixtures. We can’t run your outdoor lighting system without it. Since you need this thing, this $500 transformer, why not get it for free?

Wondering what “with the purchase of a qualifying outdoor lighting system” means? A qualifying outdoor lighting system, for the purposes of this special offer, refers to a system with 10 or more fixtures and with a maximum wire run of 150 feet. To get a complete system, it’s a safe bet you’ll want at least 10 light fixtures. The custom lighting design we create for your home will include fixtures in the front yard for architectural lighting and landscape lighting. In the back yard we recommend lights to increase usability of your outdoor living spaces – your deck, patio, and pool areas. We also recommend path lighting if you have any paths or walkways around your property. For these needs, 10 lighting fixtures is not excessive.

If you have questions not answered here, please give us a call tomorrow so we can answer them in time for you to act on this special, limited-time offer.