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Soffit lighting as a single source of outdoor lighting just doesn’t stack up

When done right, outdoor lighting illuminates your home in a way that makes it look even more beautiful at night than during the day. Well designed outdoor lighting casts a soft warm glow across your home’s facade.

Soffit lighting can be important but it is only a small part of the outdoor lighting equation.

soffit lighting Solon Ohio

Above you see 2 different types of outdoor lighting. The home on the left has soffit lighting or down-lighting. The home to the right has an Outdoor Lighting Perspectives system using up-lighting. This is an example of effective architectural lighting versus ineffective architectural lighting.

Another thing you’ll notice by looking at the home to the left is how narrow the lighted area is. At first glance, you might even think there are illuminated columns instead of soffit lights. The beam spread of a light source creates a cone of light. Using the proper beam spread is an important design consideration, as is the placement of the light source.

In the home to the right, light fixtures are strategically placed close to the home, illuminating upward. You cannot tell where the fixtures are. Your eye is only drawn to the beauty of the home’s facade. Texture, color, depth and detail become prominent features of the nighttime scene. The full height and scale of the facade is defined. For example, even in the small image above, you can see some of the detail of the home’s siding in the gable at the top of the home. The result of well-designed lighting is magic.

For a free demonstration at your home, give us a call. We look forward to coming out to show you how your home will look with well designed outdoor lighting. Give us a ring or drop us an email to set up your free demonstration.