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The art and magic of professional waterfall and water feature lighting

Nothing is more soothing, or more beautiful than the dance of water and light as they mingle together. The number of homeowners that include water features, fountains and even koi ponds, in their landscape is steadily increasing. By adding lighting to the water feature you can transform the entire space into a tranquil oasis that plays on all the senses.

Rock Waterfall with Outdoor Lighting
This Cleveland waterfall comes to life under the spell of lighting.

There is an art to properly lighting a waterfall or water feature that is more complex than just placing lights around the feature. We use specialized techniques to enhance the area in and around the water feature. The goal with waterfall lighting is to provide a soft wash of light. The light should be placed away from the chosen target so that it has enough room to spread. This is achieved through a combination of one or more techniques such as up lighting, back lighting, spot lighting and underwater lighting. We often focus on the surrounding aesthetics of the water feature as well. Rock ledges and even trees or planting that are used to buffer your water feature make the perfect spot to add lighting.

pool lighting Solon OH
This pool lighting features colored lenses for added drama.

With low-voltage underwater lighting the key is to use high quality fixtures. Our fixtures are made of solid brass and designed with waterproof and watertight gaskets. The solid brass construction delivers the right amount of weight and the high-quality construction details ensure no water enters thus harming the fixture.

pool waterfall lighting Solon OH
Lighting the water feature and the surrounding landscaping produces a cohesive outdoor lighting design.

When illuminating Koi ponds we also use the high quality submersible light. There is no danger of the light becoming damaged or the fish being harmed while these lights are in use.

koi pond lighting Solon OH
This waterfall comes alive at night with the addition of lighting.

We use the same low voltage quality fixtures when up lighting or backlighting a water feature. Placing a source of illumination behind a waterfall can create a mesmerizing effect. In some cases, if the water is deeper in some areas we will illuminate the flowing water by using precision up lighting from rocks or turf within close proximity to the waterfall.

landscape lighting Solon OH
Notice the romance that tree lighting adds to this landscape’s focal point

The final result achieved through our water feature lighting is quite magical. We can take your unique feature and by adding our outdoor lighting expertise and high quality fixtures we can create the perfect spot for backyard enjoyment. If you are looking for a way to add visual interest to your water feature in the evening, contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio today.