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From Village to City, Pepper Pike OH is All Grown Up and Ready for Professional Outdoor Lighting

Once a rural village, Pepper Pike, OH, is now citified enough for its residents to want professional outdoor lighting at their homes and businesses. As they should! Outdoor lighting enhances a residence or commercial establishment like nothing else can.

Pepper Pike’s development parallels that of our country’s evolving transportation modes. First, stagecoach lines, then the interurban railway and finally … interstate highways brought settlers and transplants to what is now the City of Pepper Pike. In 1924 the Village of Pepper Pike was established, previously known as the Orange Hill section of Orange Township.

Many Uses for Outdoor Lighting in Pepper Pike OH

Residential architectural lighting

Does your home stand out on a dark street or do other homes nearby also feature outdoor lighting? If yours is the first to have professional lighting installed outdoors, there is something validating about neighboring homes following suit.

Pepper Pike OH outdoor lighting

A Pepper Pike OH home with architectural lighting, also known as exterior lighting, offers an instantly warm and welcoming greeting to your guests in the evening. Architectural lighting serves more than one purpose. Most homeowners add this type of outdoor lighting to carry over curb appeal from daytime into nighttime.

The beauty of Pepper Pike OH outdoor lighting will transform your home from beautiful to stunning at night. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio has the expertise to arrange your LED fixtures just so … not to shine into your windows but to illuminate the architectural features of your home’s façade.

Residential architectural lighting will also make your home safer because your lighting designer and installation technicians know how to angle lights to erase dark areas around your home. Intruders will not feel comfortable approaching your home when you have professional outdoor lighting installed there.

outdoor lighting in Pepper Pike OH

Residential landscape lighting

Landscape lighting is similar to architectural lighting in that it is installed around your Pepper Pike OH property, but the difference is our subject matter. Landscape lighting is designed to spotlight the most beautiful and interesting features of your landscape, outdoor water features and outdoor living areas.

What areas of your landscape would you choose to illuminate each evening? Our professional landscape lighting designer will walk your Pepper Pike property with you and pay close attention to your goals for your landscape lighting. We can illuminate dramatic-looking trees, the shrubs that line your walkway or front porch, your prize roses or other flower gardens. We recommend path lighting to make your walkways safer.

A little light goes a long way, so we won’t try to light up your entire yard. The effect of landscape lighting is so transformative you’ll wonder why you waited. What’s more, landscape lighting around your outdoor living areas will increase the amount of time you use your deck, patio or pool.

Commercial outdoor lighting

Every Pepper Pike business owner with a brick-and-morter location understands the significance of outdoor lighting. You want to make your business easy to find and to distinguish it among others in the area. If your business is a restaurant, hotel or retail establishment that stays open after dark, outdoor lighting is a must for ambiance as well as guest and employee safety. Even if your business is closed after dark, why hide it? Get an edge on competitors when you illuminate your business at night to stay front-of-mind. If you have any landscaping at your establishment, you are wasting money on landscaping if you don’t keep it visible after dark.

Selecting Your Outdoor Lighting Installer in Pepper Pike OH

It goes without saying (but we’ll say it) that you need to use a Pepper Pike OH professional outdoor lighting company to design and install your lighting. Even just hearing the word design tells you there is more to this undertaking than purchasing some LED fixtures off the shelf and setting them out. With all of the knowledge and experience that goes into high-quality outdoor lighting, you would be short-changing yourself if you tried to do it yourself.

Pepper Pike OH outdoor lighting company

4 reasons why you need to select Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio as your professional outdoor lighting Installer in Pepper Pike OH:

  1. We are a professional outdoor lighting company that’s been in business for over a dozen years in Pepper Pike OH and the greater Cleveland area. We have received dozens upon dozens of excellent reviews from satisfied customers and are happy to provide references so you can speak with them. We know how to illuminate your Pepper Pike home and landscaping beautifully.
  2. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives focuses full-time on one business: outdoor lighting. Our employees have training and experience in outdoor lighting that only full-time outdoor lighting professionals have. If you love your home and want it to look its best, you will only entrust it to trained lighting professionals.
  3. You need a Pepper Pike OH outdoor lighting company that provides a full range of outdoor lighting services including LED lighting design, installation and maintenance. That company is Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio. Even though we install your lights in the daytime, we return after dark to make sure all of your lighting looks as good as it was designed to be.
  4. We use only high-quality brass and copper fixtures in our Pepper Pike OH outdoor lighting designs. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives provides warranties on transformers, LED bulbs and fixtures. You will not find another lighting company with better warranties.

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