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Outdoor Living and Outdoor Lighting Go Together for Maximum Enjoyment

Let an outdoor lighting professional in Solon, OH, increase the usability of your outdoor living spaces in time for summer.

If you could add outdoor lighting to just one outdoor living area at your home, which would it be? Here are our suggestions, but remember, choose just one:

  • Deck
  • Patio
  • Porch
  • Pool
  • Outdoor kitchen
  • Outdoor fireplace
  • Other (fill in yours)

Of course, this exercise is simple for homeowners who have only one of the above. So let’s say you have more than one, or that you will have more than one. What if you could only select one of them to illuminate seductively with professionally-designed-and-installed outdoor lighting? Which area would you choose to enhance with outdoor lighting, and which would you allow to go dark at night?

It’s not so easy to choose, is it? Each one of these outdoor living areas begs for outdoor lighting. With effective lighting around your outdoor living areas, you can get more usage out of them in the evenings. Heck, even into the night – as long as it’s not a school night.

Alright, let’s weigh the pros and cons – but wait. Someone has a question. Why did we use the word seductively? “To illuminate seductively?”

What we mean by that is outdoor lighting – especially around your outdoor living areas – can be seductive. Outdoor lighting that’s designed to be subtle and unobtrusive will beckon anyone within sight to come on over, take a seat, have a beverage, and relax.

You might have been on your way to the neighbor’s house to return the tennis racket you borrowed. If your deck or patio or porch is lost in darkness, you won’t give it a thought. You’ll continue on your errand and complete it.

On the other hand, say your patio has a pleasing ambiance created by the addition of subtle landscape lighting. We’ll assume you know where you can easily put your hands on a warm cup of tea or a cool glass of lemonade. You might be tempted to stop and sit on the patio for a while.

Let’s ratchet this situation up a notch. Say you have 6 or 8 friends over for a barbecue. You have a grill on your deck, but in the past the entire deck area became dark when the sun set. Now that you’ve had Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio design and install outdoor lighting for your deck, everything has changed.

How Outdoor Lighting Will Change the Way You Use Your Deck or Patio

In the past you would have grilled the food outside with the aid of a work light. You would have taken the food back indoors for everyone to eat, because your friends wouldn’t put up with dining by candlelight on the deck. “I can’t see my food,” they said once when you suggested eating outdoors after dark. Actually, the women were interested in dining by candlelight, but their husbands or significant others balked. No one wanted to dine in the glare of the work light, either.

Now, with subtle but effective deck lighting installed by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, everything has changed. Everyone wants to dine outdoors now. You can still set up some candlelight for the women, but now the guys won’t complain about not being able to see the food. And the LED task lighting installed on the deck railing beside the grill is much better than the 500-watt work light you had been using.

How To Extend The Usability of Your Outdoor Living Areas into the Night

Step 1: Call your outdoor lighting professional in Solon, OH, and schedule a free lighting design consultation. That would be Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio.
Step 2: Meet with your outdoor lighting professional at your home at the appointed time.
Step 3: Enjoy.

Observation: Professional outdoor lighting, custom-designed for your outdoor living spaces,
extends the usability of those spaces exponentially. From Day 1, you will find your family spending more time outdoors at home after dark.

How You Benefit from Custom-Designed Outdoor Lighting in Your Outdoor Living Spaces

Deck: You can see your food when you dine on the deck. You can see where you set your beverage. Your friends won’t complain that it’s too dark. You can have task lighting specifically installed where you need it most, for example, next to the grill. You can entertain friends on the deck and not care what time the sun will set. You can have Outdoor Lighting Perspectives install festive string lighting in the area over your deck so every night outdoors feels fun and festive. Using lighting controls on your smartphone, you can dial back the party lights when you want to set a more romantic mood. Tiny riser lights on your deck steps will greatly increase safety there.

Patio: See Deck, above.

Porch: Porches are different because they usually include ceiling lights or indoor lamps. Outdoor lighting over the porch steps will make them much safer. Landscape lighting around the base of the porch will add a feeling of spaciousness because the light will extend beyond the porch.

Pool: Everyone’s favorite, right? Outdoor lighting in the pool area can be amazing. Just don’t try to do it yourself. Pool lighting designed and installed by amateurs is pool lighting gone wrong, so leave it to the pros. We can use landscape lighting techniques in the pool area to create hypnotic effects of light dancing on water. Path lighting will increase your safety on the walkway from the house to the pool and back.

Outdoor kitchen: Task lighting is invaluable for safety and efficiency in an outdoor kitchen. If you have bar seating there, a bit of strategically-placed LED light will create ambiance without overpowering your guests.

Outdoor fireplace: Did this one throw you? We have found that landscape lighting can create dramatic effects around an outdoor fireplace, and this holds true whether or not the fireplace is being used.

Extend the beauty and the usability of your outdoor living spaces after dark with professionally-designed-and-installed outdoor lighting by the true outdoor lighting professionals in Solon, Ohio. Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio is today. We look forward to hearing from you soon!