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Create an Oasis of Pleasing Outdoor Light around Your Avon Lake, OH, Home

With beautiful landscape lighting in Avon Lake, OH, you can enjoy your yard more than you ever imagined.

If you see darkness when you look out across your yard at night, or when you stand at the sidewalk and look toward your home, you have a problem. It’s not just a visibility problem, although that is part of it. It’s an enjoyability problem. Do you enjoy looking at your home and seeing a mass of darkness punctuated by a porch light – and perhaps a few light-filled windows? Do you enjoy looking across your back yard at … darkness?

We don’t expect you to enjoy these dark views, we simply want to point out the contrast between homes with and without landscape lighting in Avon Lake, OH. If you don’t have professional outdoor lighting installed at your home, you may not realize how much better it could look. You become accustomed to seeing your home the way it is. You don’t realize how amazing the effects of nighttime curb appeal could be.

Residential Home with Outdoor Curb Appeal Lighting

If you’re one of the many homeowners here who’ve already had outdoor lighting installed at your home, you know what we mean! You’re thrilled to return to your house each evening and see it showcased by elegant outdoor lighting. You love driving up your own driveway. You love going out back to enjoy the deck or patio in the evenings now that you can see your way around out there. And the yard! With the quality landscape lighting only Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio can deliver, your yard looks like a magazine photo.

In the Front Yard, Impress Your Neighbors with Nighttime Curb Appeal

Exterior lighting, also called architectural or façade lighting, is the place to start if you want to show the beauty of your home at night. Whether your home’s façade is stone, brick or siding, exterior lighting highlights texture and adds dimension to its appearance after dark. We also showcase your home’s most interesting architectural features. Does your home have columns, arched windows, or dormer windows? Does a front porch welcome guests to your door? Exterior lighting extends the elegance of your home to neighbors and friends at night, greeting them before they even ring your doorbell.

Front Yard Landscape Lighting Sets the Scene in Avon Lake, OH

Your Avon Lake home, even beautifully illuminated, needn’t stand in a sea of darkness at night. Your Outdoor Lighting Perspectives designer can help you select which trees would be most beautiful with a subtle splash of light to lift them from darkness. When we illuminate a few trees, not only do we bring them forward but we create a sense of depth throughout the entire front yard. If you have any fountains, they make beautiful subjects for outdoor lighting. The combination of architectural lighting and landscape lighting at the front of your home will create a pleasing tableau you’ll be proud of.

Outdoor Lighting in Avon Lake, OH

Landscape Lighting for Your Avon Lake OH Outdoor Living Areas

As we move to the back yard, we take stock of your deck or patio, everyone’s favorite spot for outdoor lighting. With landscape lighting around your outdoor living areas, we create the ambiance you want for maximum outdoor comfort after dark. Would you prefer a soft, romantic patio ambiance or a festive scene with strings of party lights over the deck? We work hard to create the look you want. When your outdoor living space calls you outside and whispers for you to linger beyond sunset, you’ll enjoy spending much more time outdoors.

What do you see as you look across the yard from your deck or patio? If your answer is “total darkness,” then we’ll need to scatter some landscape lighting across that expanse of yard as well. We say scatter, but you know all of our outdoor lighting is carefully planned. We only give the illusion of scattering points of light across your yard. The effect here in the back is much like in the front yard. Illuminating select trees or gardens around the back gives your yard depth and seems to extend your property lines after dark.

Outdoor Lighting in Avalon Lake, OH

What do you want to see when you look out over your back yard? If you have an outdoor fireplace, a water feature, or a garden bench, we can make it visible to you and perhaps create some magic around it. You’ll find you can enjoy your outdoor fireplace even on the nights you’re not actually using it. As part of the backyard landscape you see each night, it reminds you of good times past and good times to come. It also reminds you to invite friends over for one last batch of s’mores before warm weather sets in completely.

Bring added depth and character to your Avon Lake, OH, property after dark with professionally-designed-and-installed landscape lighting. Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio today! We look forward to hearing from you soon!