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Step Up to Outdoor Lighting at Your Auburn, OH, Home

We love our Auburn, OH, homes and keep them looking their best. A fresh coat of paint, shutters always crisp and clean, neatly-trimmed shrubbery, trees and gardens keep our homes beautiful. Did you know, with professional outdoor lighting your Auburn-area home can be just as beautiful at night as it is in the daytime? Some would say the nighttime view can be the more beautiful of the two.

So many homes hide in darkness each night. With all of the effort and expense you put into making sure your home is attractive, why not show it off in the evening, too?

Why you need low-voltage outdoor lighting in Auburn, OH

When Auburn, OH, residents call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio, it’s usually for any or all of these three reasons: to add curb appeal at night, to increase safety and security and to extend their enjoyment of outdoor living spaces after dark. Do any of these reasons for having outdoor lighting resonate with you?

outdoor lighting in Auburn Ohio

Adding curb appeal with landscape lighting and architectural lighting

Curb appeal in the most literal sense refers to what people see when they walk or drive past your home. The beauty of your home in the daylight includes your landscaping and your home’s façade as well. Professional outdoor lighting will accomplish the same goal for you at night in two ways. First, our lighting designers can install landscape lighting that will show off your most beautiful trees, shrubs and flowers after dark. Then we can use architectural lighting to highlight the most interesting features of your home’s façade with a warm and gentle glow. You’ll find that curb appeal also means extending a warm welcome to your guests before you even open the door.

Auburn Ohio outdoor lighting

Safety and security are always on our minds

If we see trouble spots where we feel additional lighting would be beneficial, we will add light there, but much of the lighting for curb appeal actually increases your safety and security, too. Certain kinds of landscape lighting, specifically path lighting, illuminate paths and walkways around your home and the steps to your door to minimize tripping hazards caused by uneven ground. Architectural lighting usually extends light to otherwise shadowy or dark places around the exterior of your home. We will evaluate our landscape and architectural lighting plan and add light for safety and security where needed, including steps from your deck to the yard.

Enjoy your outdoor spaces well into the night

If you love spending time on your deck or patio during the daylight hours, outdoor lighting helps you extend that enjoyment into the evening and beyond. Whether you’re relaxing at home over an intimate dinner on the patio or entertaining friends, outdoor spaces don’t need to go dark. Path lighting from your home to your outdoor fireplace or fire pit will increase your use of these wonderful amenities after dark. If you have a pool, soft lighting in and around the pool will transform the area from gloomy to magical and alluring. You’ll be amazed at how much your use of your home’s outdoor living spaces will increase when they’re properly lit at night. And don’t forget your water features. The right lighting, skillfully placed, will turn your fountain or trickling waterfall and pond into a beautiful and soothing refuge after sunset.

outdoor lighting in Auburn OH

Take the next step to give us a call

Now that you can picture the ways outdoor lighting will enhance the beauty and safety of your home at night, let us talk with you in person about what low-voltage outdoor lighting in Auburn, OH, can do. Our lighting designers can meet with you at your home to talk about your outdoor lighting goals and show you where we can illuminate your landscape, home and outdoor living areas most effectively.

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