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It all starts with our free consultation

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of the Cleveland and Northern Ohio area, we know that outdoor lighting is a home improvement investment and we want to help you make the right choice which is why we provide a free daytime consultation. When we arrive are your home, we discuss your lighting objectives and walk your property with you to see the areas you want to illuminate and to hear your outdoor lighting goals.

Here are some of the things we look at:


  • the height of your home’s facade
  • the length of your home’s facade from end to end
  • the various architectural elements of your home such as pillars, window shapes and focal elements
  • your home’s architectural reliefs
  • the texture of your home’s facade
  • defining architectural details

Your grounds and landscaping:

  • the size and footprint of your property
  • the height and depth of the various landscaping elements
  • the size and number of trees and any focal trees
  • any interesting landscaping features such as rock walls or statuary
  • outdoor living elements such as water features or outdoor fire features
  • outdoor living spaces including your deck, patio, porch, gazebo or other space

As we look at both your home and your landscape, we try to envision a scene. Our goal is not to paint your entire home and yard in light. Our goal is to paint a scene that may be relaxing, quaint, picturesque or storybook. Perhaps there are a couple trees next to a hand-built stone wall toward one perimeter of your property. Gently illuminating that space could make for an exquisite scene to enjoy as you relax on your patio. Perhaps the back of your home has large or many windows allowing you to enjoy the view of your backyard at night. Which areas are best suited for romantic evening illumination?

The most important part of our walk-through

While observing the elements of your facade and grounds are very important, what’s more important is listening to how you want them illuminated. We listen for your favorite architectural features of your home such a cupolas, dormers, or the natural stone chimney. We listen to you as you point out your favorite parts of your landscape. But we also listen from a functional perspective. Do the front steps to your home need to be well illuminated to ensure an older family member can clearly see the steps at night? Do you have teenagers parking in the driveway at night and you want to illuminate that area to make it safer? Do you love to walk from your patio to your detached gazebo in the evening?


We tailor an outdoor lighting plan for your home sharing the elements of the plan, the location of fixtures and the effect. Together we finalize the best outdoor lighting design plan for your home.


Our professionally trained expert outdoor lighting staff installs your outdoor lighting. This includes everything from trenching to laying wire to installing your transformer, powering your transformer and installing your fixtures. Our installers work efficiently to ensure the highest quality installation.


At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we realize that after the sale is as important as before. We provide an excellent warranty along with a couple key service package options.

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