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Professionally Designed and Installed Chagrin Falls, OH, Landscape Lighting

In Chagrin Falls, OH, appearances matter, and that’s why landscape lighting is so popular here. Many call it “nighttime curb appeal,” that beautiful view of a home from the street at night. People put such a high value on curb appeal but sometimes forget the pleasing effect is possible at night, too.

One thing we love about the historic village of Chagrin Falls is the gorgeous landscaping so many homeowners have taken the time to perfect. Whether you’re close to the village center or on the outskirts, landscape lighting can enhance the beauty of your property at night.

Chagrin Falls OH outdoor lighting

Landscape Lighting in Chagrin Falls, OH

If you think all landscape lighting is the same, we want to clarify that for you. We can break landscape lighting down into several categories that describe where or how landscape lighting is used.

Landscape lighting near the home

As you can see below, we can combine the subtle glow of landscape lighting with the gentle wash of architectural lighting to stunning effect around the home itself. Architectural lighting focuses on the façade of the home, while complementary landscape lighting illuminates nearby plantings that cradle the home. Together these two techniques of outdoor lighting in Chagrin Falls, OH mesh to provide a beautifully-illuminated home with nighttime curb appeal.

outdoor lighting Chagrin Falls Ohio

Path lighting

Pathway lighting is often so subtle and so functional that people overlook its significance. While in some cases path lighting serves a decorative purpose, more often it fulfills a safety function. Path lighting helps you, your family and your guests see where you’re walking at night. Tripping hazards are less likely to trip people if the area along a path or walkway is sufficiently illuminated. Driveways are also a homeowners’ favorite location for path lighting.

In the photo below, take a moment to admire the actual light fixture next to the stone pathway. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio uses professional quality outdoor lighting fixtures made of copper and brass. Some of our fixtures are hidden or partially hidden, and some are in full view. While our focus is always on the landscaping and not the fixtures, when you can see them they become part of the landscape, too. The copper and brass finishes of our fixtures weather to a beautiful patina. Notice, too, that this fixture is covered on the top so all of the light is aimed down at the ground. Path lighting is specifically designed to illuminate the path, so we prevent light from shining straight up where it would serve no purpose and only be considered light pollution.

landscape lighting Chagrin Falls OH

Lighting of special features

Outdoor lighting in Chagrin Falls, OH, is especially effective when used to illuminate special features in your yard such as water features, fire features, statues and other types of art. When our lighting designer visits your home for your free design consultation, you can show us any special features that you would choose to have illuminated. Lighting a pond or fountain delights the senses at night and helps create alluring focal illumination against a dark backdrop of the landscaping that is not illuminated. The effect is quite dramatic.

landscape lighting design Chagrin Falls OH

Lighting for outdoor living spaces

The picture below shows an example of patio lighting. Outdoor lighting in Chagrin Falls, OH is at its most useful when illuminating your outdoor living spaces. Our crew at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio takes great pride in the fact that our work enables you to use your favorite outdoor spaces long after dark. Once you have landscape lighting installed around your home—not just in the front yard!—gone are the nights when guests departed and you were pretty much resigned to going indoors after sunset. Now you can dine comfortably on the patio or deck well after dark and linger into the night. We promise to design your patio, pool or deck lighting with subtle light that won’t shine in your eyes!

outdoor living area lighting Chagrin Falls Ohio

Other ways to categorize outdoor lighting in Chagrin Falls, OH

You may also hear lighting designers refer to uplighting, downlighting or moonlighting as these are three specific landscape lighting techniques professional lighting companies use. When you hire a top-tier company for landscape lighting in Chagrin Falls, OH, our designers know through experience and training what fixtures and techniques to use for specific effects.

Uplighting refers to low lighting aimed up into the branches or leaves of a plant or tree or aimed to highlight an especially beautiful or interesting tree trunk.
Downlighting refers to lights placed above an element in the landscaping. Downlighting can provide a gentle, even and shadow-free light. Path lighting is a form of downlighting.
Moonlighting is most special and would probably win a popularity contest featuring outdoor lighting in Chagrin Falls, OH. For the moonlighting effect, our lighting technicians place light fixtures approximately 35 feet up in your tree(s) and point them downward to illuminate the ground below. The light filters gently like moonlight through branches and leaves. The soft glow will cover approximately a 25-foot radius.

Chagrin Falls Ohio outdoor lighting

We hope this overview of landscape lighting in Chagrin Falls, OH, has satisfied your curiosity and convinced you that your home would benefit from professionally-designed and installed landscape lighting. Whether your home is the first on your block to display landscape lighting or the last, your neighbors will enjoy your outdoor lights just as much as you will.

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