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Do you want to see the city or the trees? These Lakewood OH homeowners recently made this decision

City lit up with beautiful lightsWe recently designed outdoor lighting for clients in Lakewood OH. These homeowners had a beautiful back yard overlooking Lake Erie with a view of the Cleveland skyline in the distance. In developing the outdoor lighting design, we made sure to incorporate lighting for the patio and the architectural facade on the back of the home. Normally our backyard lighting designs also include illuminating the outskirts of the yard or property. This Lakewood home had a beautiful line of trees traversing the back of the property.

In the lighting design plan, we originally envisioned some lighting along the treeline anchoring the rear of the property. Upon setting up a lighting demonstration, we realized that illuminating the trees shifted focus to the trees and eliminated the view of the Cleveland skyline. We discussed whether they wanted to see the city or the trees and the answer was clear.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we believe that every customer should see their home with outdoor lighting before they purchase. We provide a free evening demonstration at which we set up temporary lighting according to a lighting design plan that’s customized for you. This plan is determined after walking the property with the homeowners and understanding their objectives. These objectives include both functional lighting and achieving aesthetic preferences. Functional lighting provides illumination to help with accomplishing tasks or achieving safety for utilizing an area at night. Aesthetic lighting preferences include utilizing lighting to create a particular mood in addition to illuminating favorite areas within the yard to allow the homeowners to enjoy those areas after the veil of darkness. For this family, the free evening demonstration unveiled what would have been a critical flaw.

Tim, Owner of Outdoor Lighting Perspective of Northern Ohio