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There’s No Better Time Than Tonight to Enjoy Professional Outdoor Lighting in Shaker Heights, OH

Feel GREAT about accomplishing something big this week: Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio so you can cross Schedule outdoor lighting off of your to-do list!

Whether you’re interested in stunning architectural lighting or the subtle beauty of landscape lighting, the outdoor lighting Shaker Heights, OH, needs is just a phone call away.

We all have chores and home improvement projects we put off as long as we can. This is such a common experience in our culture we have jokes about our “Honey Do” lists. And it’s not always a spouse nagging you to complete a project around the house or the yard. It might even be a conversation you’re having with yourself.

Meanwhile, is your house hiding in the shadows?
Is a lone porch light all you offer to welcome your guests?
Does your home’s architecture look flat and plain at night?
Are your backyard outdoor living spaces dim and uninviting after dark?

Why You Might be Postponing Professional Outdoor Lighting

There are a variety of reasons we put things off. Often one of those reasons is feeling like we don’t have enough information to proceed. Does that describe how you feel about professional outdoor lighting right now?

Landscape Lighting

If that’s what is holding you up, you may want to do some research before you call an outdoor lighting company. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio can make that task easier by directing you to the dozens of customer reviews on our website. Learn why our customers love us!

You’ll find our customer reviews in two places:

  1. Near the bottom of our Home Page. (Scroll down)
  2. Under the Contact Us tab at the top of the website, on the far right. If you hover over Contact Us, the Customer Reviews tab will appear.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio, We Love Answering Your Questions About Professional Outdoor Lighting

The absolute best way to research professional outdoor lighting is to set up a call with one of our lighting designers. We don’t charge for the initial outdoor lighting design consultation, and it’s the perfect opportunity to ask any and every question you can think of. You have our undivided attention.

Our staff is extremely customer-service oriented, and educating homeowners about professional outdoor lighting is a service we are happy to provide. You are under no obligation when you meet with us to learn more about exterior lighting at your home. We want you to be completely comfortable with the service we offer. We expect you to have questions! Outdoor lighting technology has changed somewhat with improvements to LED outdoor lighting, and we love talking about it!

Patio and Pool Area Lighting

Here are a few of the questions we answer every day:

  • What’s the difference between LED and other kinds of lighting?
  • What’s low-voltage outdoor lighting?
  • What’s lighting control automation (LCA)?
  • Why might I need an annual maintenance plan for my outdoor lighting?
  • Can I get color-changing lights around my pool or patio?
  • Will I need to take down my regular outdoor lighting when it’s time to put up holiday lights?
  • How much better would your lights be than the ones I could purchase at a home improvement store?
  • Why shouldn’t I just install outdoor lights myself?
  • What is landscape lighting?

What You’re Missing Every Night When You Don’t Have Professional Outdoor Lighting

If you’re spending too much time on this research, you may have “analysis paralysis.” You can reach a point where additional research is no longer productive. It’s time to move forward! 

Pathway Lighting

  • Every day you put off installing the professional outdoor lighting Shaker Heights, OH, homeowners love brings another night your home could have been breathtaking to see. Why wait to make your home the envy of the neighborhood with beautiful, elegant architectural lighting and landscape lighting?
  • Further delays also mean another night will pass when your property could have been safer with path lighting. Why wait for someone to trip over a loose paving stone in the darkness? Path lighting prevents accidents around your yard and gives you peace of mind.
  • Each night without landscape lighting around your outdoor living space is a night you could have enjoyed your deck, patio, or pool a little longer. If darkness drives you indoors before you’re ready to call it a night, you’re missing out on fun every night. Every. Single. Night.