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How Do You Know if You Need Landscape Lighting in Solon, OH?

If you think landscape lighting in Solon, OH, is just for homes grander than yours, you might be right, and then again, you might be wrong!


  1. Does your Solon, OH, yard have trees and shrubbery that can be seen from the street?
  2. Does your property have any walkways or paths that are not illuminated at this time?
  3. Do you have a deck, patio, pool, or other outdoor living spaces?

If you answered “Yes” to even one of these questions, you need landscape lighting at your home in Solon, OH.

Exterior House Lighting

You Need Landscape Lighting for Nighttime Curb Appeal

If your front yard goes dark at night, you’re missing out on a wonderful experience. When your Solon, OH, home is transformed by professional landscape lighting, the feeling you get when you pull into your driveway at night is hard to describe. We have clients who’ve said the scene took their breath away the first several times they returned at night after having landscape lighting installed.

Why limit your home’s curb appeal to the daylight hours only? Curb appeal isn’t just for selling a home. Nighttime curb appeal is a gift you can give yourself. Like gazing at a beautiful piece of art you own, seeing your home elegantly illuminated at night brings sheer joy. And don’t be surprised if your neighbors turn green with envy.

Pathway Lighting

You Need Landscape Lighting for Safety

Many homeowners don’t realize landscape lighting increases safety around the property. Anywhere you have paths and walkways, specific path lighting can prevent tripping and other accidents. It’s so easy for a guest – or even a family member – to trip over an uneven stepping stone or brick in the pathway. Why let a dark path or walkway remain an accident waiting to happen?

For path lighting, we use brass or copper light fixtures that are low to the ground with illumination directed downward. The appearance is designed as part of your overall landscape lighting plan. Path lighting makes all the difference when it comes to safety. It transforms your walkways from dark and mysterious to delightful. Driveway lighting, another form of path lighting, welcomes your guests warmly.

You Need Landscape Lighting for Outdoor Living Spaces

Deck Lighting

Landscape lighting around your deck, patio, or pool accomplishes two significant things. First, it increases the amount of time you’ll spend outdoors after dark. Without sufficient lighting, you may linger for a short while after sunset, but pretty soon darkness drives you indoors. Why not have landscape lighting that’s designed precisely to make your outdoor spaces totally enjoyable after dark? Instead of fighting the darkness before giving up to go indoors, you could be enjoying your time with friends, outdoors, for several more hours in the evening.

The second purpose of lighting around your outdoor living spaces is to draw guests to these areas. Illumination encourages them to venture out and enjoy the spaces you have created for entertaining outdoors. And even when no one is using these favorite areas, with landscape lighting they become quite beautiful and create a view you didn’t have before.

Patio Lighting

Our professional landscape lighting designers have several ways of illuminating your outdoor living spaces, so we’ll consult with you about your preferences. Subtle lighting along the perimeter of your patio, deck, or pool area could be sufficient for a minimal approach. We work with your trees, shrubbery, and flower beds – whatever landscaping you have around these areas. Illumination here creates a magical effect. If you desire a festive atmosphere, we can include string lighting as a fun part of your landscape lighting in Solon, OH.