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Top 5 Reasons You Need Outdoor Lighting in Chagrin Falls, OH, This Summer

For our Chagrin Falls friends, adding outdoor lighting in Chagrin Falls, OH, can give you a new outlook on the time you spend outdoors after dark.

Are you still hesitating, perhaps undecided about installing outdoor lighting at your home? Consider the Top 5 reasons to take that leap, then give Outdoor Lighting Perspectives® of Northern Ohio a call. Don’t wait any longer!

Path Lighting


5. Extend Your Home’s Nighttime Curb Appeal

Sure, it’s getting dark later, but there’s still a period between dusk and bedtime when your home fades into darkness without an effective outdoor lighting system. It takes more than a porch light and a post light to achieve the desired effects. Professional outdoor lighting in your front yard requires a skillful combination of architectural lighting and landscape lighting carefully planned by a professional outdoor lighting designer.

Professional outdoor lighting will transform the view of your home as seen from the street or sidewalk. This is what we call “nighttime curb appeal.” Your Chagrin Falls neighbors who don’t have outdoor lighting at their homes will be impressed and envious. Those who already do will wonder why it took you so long to realize what a huge difference outdoor lighting can make.

Exterior House Lighting

4. Welcome friends, welcome yourself home after dark!

Communicate to friends and family that they’ve come to the right house; they are welcome here; you’re waiting up for them! When your home greets your in-laws with warm and inviting outdoor lighting, you don’t have to work so hard to make sure they feel welcome. When your (young) adult children pull into the driveway after midnight, an illuminated home shows them you’re watching for their safe return. When you return home after a dinner party, late ball game, or evening out on the town, welcome yourself home with a cheery display of light.

Pool Area Lighting

3. Enjoy the beauty of your own yard when you look outside at night

How often do you look out through the windows of your home during the day? Frequently, is our guess. At night, do you draw the curtains and lower the blinds as though you have nothing to look at after dark? What if … your back yard was a visual delight after dark where landscape lighting showcased your favorite gardens, ornamental trees, water features, statues, and outdoor fireplace? The same beautiful sights that draw your eye during the day would please you at night, too, if they were properly illuminated.

Path Lighting

2. Show family and friends you care about their safety outdoors at night

As a homeowner, you feel responsible for doing whatever you can to make your property safe so guests, workmen, and even family members don’t injure themselves at your home. This is important during the day, so what about nighttime, when walkways are even harder to see and a lose paver could cause a fall? Let Outdoor Lighting Perspectives® install subtle but effective path lighting to enhance the safety of all your walkways and steps, including deck stairs if they’re not already illuminated. Nighttime outdoors doesn’t have to be hazardous.

Backyard Lighting

1. Make the MOST of outdoor living spaces after dark, all summer long

We want you to be able to soak up every delicious minute of your leisure time this summer. We all spend a good portion of the year looking forward to summer’s return. Now that it’s here, get more out of summer evenings by making your outdoor living spaces more usable after dark with outdoor lighting in Chagrin Falls, OH.

Do you want your deck, patio, and pool areas to function as a soothing refuge – or “party central” – at night this summer? Professional outdoor lighting designers from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives® of Northern Ohio will create the mood you want to set outdoors at night. Don’t let those beautiful sunsets force you indoors when the big orange globe sinks beneath the horizon.

You’ll get hours more enjoyment from your outdoor living spaces each night with the right outdoor lighting system. Our outdoor lighting designers and installers will tailor your lighting system to achieve the effects you want for your outdoor spaces at night.