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Chagrin Falls, OH, Homeowners: Are Your Pathways Safe to Walk at Night?

Path and Landscape LightingWhile pathway lighting may not seem sexy, never makes anyone’s list of hot topics, and sometimes feels like an afterthought, it may save your life.

Pathway lighting may save the life of someone you love – or at least keep them safer while they are outdoors at your home. We think that’s worth the investment.

Does it sound like we’re attributing an incredible amount of power to a handful of outdoor lighting fixtures and some energy-efficient LED bulbs? We feel pathway lighting deserves a great deal more credit than it receives.

The 2 Biggest Reasons Your Home Needs Pathway Lighting in Chagrin Falls, OH

1. It’s never a bad idea to prevent an injury before it happens.

Is household safety a priority at your home? If you’re a parent, you pay attention to safety hazards around the house. While it’s hard to anticipate all of the possible accidents your children could get into, you do what you can. It starts when they’re tiny and you “baby proof” all the electrical outlets in the home.

What about outdoors? At night, an unlit path or walkway through your yard might also be known as an accident waiting to happen. Whether your walkway is laid out with bricks, pavers, or concrete “stepping stones,” it may not be the safe route you think it is. The more “out of the way” a path is, the less likely you are to be aware of its condition. You may not know if any bricks or stepping stones on the path have come loose or been pushed up by a persistent root.

When you meet with one of the professional landscape lighting designers from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio, we’ll evaluate your property for potential pathway lighting needs. Here are some of the typical locations for path lighting. If you have any of these at your home, we urge you to make nighttime path safety a priority:

  • The walkway from your driveway to the front door
  • A path leading from your garage to the back yard
  • A pathway from your deck or patio to your outdoor fireplace
  • The walkway from your back door to your swimming pool
  • A winding path through the various sections of your garden

We’re not only concerned with the safety of your children and their friends. As outdoor lighting professionals in Chagrin Falls, OH, and the greater Cleveland area, we know pathway lighting can keep adults safer as well. From late-night guests at your summer barbeques to neighbors who enjoy meeting around your fire pit … pathway lighting can keep them all safer.

Path Lighting2. These little lights along your walkways sweetly add beauty to your landscape at night.

When you work with us, your overall landscape lighting plan will include pathway lighting as part of a beautiful, cohesive design. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio, our professional outdoor lighting designers and installers intentionally incorporate path lighting into our design for your home. We have your family’s safety in mind, yes, and we have more than safety in mind, too.

Path lighting is about more than safety because even the simplest pathway lighting in Chagrin Falls, OH, can be quite beautiful. These lights close to the ground draw the eye to your hostas and other plantings at ground level. While so much of landscape lighting features trees, with their dramatic branches and graceful canopies, we balance those elements by illuminating low-lying plants as well.

Our pathway light fixtures, made of high-quality brass and copper, are too pretty to hide. We never draw attention to the fixtures themselves, but it is possible you’ll see them. Over time, the fixtures will develop a soft patina that only adds to the allure of pathway lighting.