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What’s the Best Time of Year to Check Your Yard for Nighttime Safety?

Are guests and family members safe as they walk through your Avon, OH, yard at night, or will someone step in a hole and twist an ankle? When is the last time you checked your walkways for loose stones or pavers? Do you need to be concerned about tripping hazards around your property? One thing’s for certain: if you have professionally-designed and -installed outdoor lighting at your home, you can worry less and sleep better.

Most homeowners have a yearly or semi-annual schedule for outdoor maintenance tasks around the home, and likely that includes checking paths and walkways. While you may assume the ground along your pathways is unchanging, it’s possible a stone has become dislodged or a tree branch has fallen on the path. Tripping hazards are never good, but at least if your pathways are illuminated, your visitors have a safer path to walk at night. Combine outdoor safety checks with outdoor lighting “for the win!”

When do you walk your property to conduct a periodic safety check? Many homeowners consider this a spring task and attend to it after the last snow melts. What about Halloween, though? Do superheroes and princesses run through your front yard in darkness each October? Is your porch light bright enough to illuminate your front walkway all the way from the street or sidewalk to the house?

Recommended Intervals for Walkway Safety Checks in Avon, OH

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio, we think spring and pre-Halloween are both excellent times to inspect walkways around your property. But don’t stop there. If you’re hosting a backyard wedding, birthday party, or other special celebration outdoors, your party prep should include an outdoor safety check then, too. Better yet, if the festivities will last into the night, why not invest in professional outdoor lighting to increase everyone’s safety?

  • Will visitors or family members be walking from your house through your yard after dark?
  • Will they use a walkway to get from the driveway or street to your front door?
  • Will they use stepping stones or pavers to walk around your house from the front to the back yard?
  • Do you follow a path to your pool for a midnight swim, and is that pathway illuminated sufficiently?
  • Is your outdoor fireplace set away from your house, requiring your guests to use a darkened path to reach it?

Path Lighting

Increase Outdoor Safety at Home with Path Lighting Avon, Ohio, Will Love!

If “loving” your pathway lighting sounds a little extreme, consider this: you could spend money, instead, on path lighting you don’t love. Where’s the pleasure in that? If you’re going to illuminate your walkways for safety, why not choose lighting that will beautify your property at the same time? For nighttime outdoor safety and the beautiful allure of landscape lighting, your best option is to call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio. Our professional lighting designers and installation technicians are the specialists you can trust to illuminate your outdoors most beautifully and effectively.

Can you imagine scenarios where your outdoor lighting might not be effective? We can! When we talk about path lighting that you don’t or won’t love, we’re referring to three things:

  1. “Solar lights” lining your walkways
  2. All-purpose outdoor light fixtures you can buy at a home improvement store and install yourself
  3. Outdoor lighting installed by your landscaper or electrician

Path and Landscape Lighting

Are we biased? Yes! Why? Because none of those types of path lighting Avon, Ohio, homeowners may already be familiar with will give you a look you’ll love. None of these will come close to looking as great as the outdoor lighting we can install for you. Why is that?

  1. “Solar lights” do not last long and are a complete waste of your money.
  2. We use higher-quality brass and copper LED outdoor lighting fixtures, and that makes a difference.
  3. We don’t just install lights; our professional lighting designers will create a lighting plan to use light artfully and effectively to increase your safety outdoors at night.
  4. Professional outdoor lighting designers and installers will combine path lighting with other forms of landscape lighting. We’ll transform your yard, walkways, and outdoor living spaces – pool, deck, patio, etc. – with an effect that’s magical. It’s a look you will love.