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Getting around your Cleveland area backyard day, or night.

Your outdoor living space is a refuge. It’s a place to leave the worries of the day (or the week) behind and enjoy some solitude or the company of family and friends. That’s why we shy away from calling the fixtures that we use to illuminate specific areas as “task lighting.” That name implies that there is somehow a “to-do list”. We want our outdoor spaces to be worry-free. No worries about things to do and no worries about being able to move around and use these spaces safely and effectively at night.

Pathway lighting

When we design one of our custom Cleveland outdoor lighting designs, each and every light has its own function: even if that function is to provide warmth or ambiance.

Do you have an outdoor kitchen or grill area where you like to prepare meals during the spring, summer or fall? That activity area should be one of the first places to install lights. In fact, professionally-designed-and-installed outdoor lighting will create the ability to provide different amounts of illumination to specific areas. For instance, you may need more direct focal lighting for your grilling area, but a more subtle, soothing amount of illumination for outdoor dining.

Patio lighting

Stair-mounted lights, under railing lights and pathway lighting are all critical to include when you are designing for safety. After you install a system of lights to show you your way around the yard at night, you will wonder how you ever lived without them.

Our lighting design professionals know how to capture the beauty of your pergola, gazebo or landscaping after dark. Tell us how you like to live outside and we will develop a plan for a complimentary lighting style.

Deck lighting

If you are looking for a professional, experienced, trained, licensed and insured outdoor lighting company to quote your home’s outdoor and landscape lighting, give us a call and schedule a 100% free outdoor lighting design consultation.