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Professional Landscape Lighting for Your Westlake, OH Home

If you spend hours of time and substantial amounts of money on keeping your Westlake, OH home’s landscape looking great all year, why allow it to disappear once nighttime arrives? After all your hard work and investment into improving the appearance of your lawn and landscape, wouldn’t it be nice if there were an option to bring your flowering plants, trees and walkways to life with increased depth and character during the nighttime? If so, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio is your go-to company. Call us today at (440) 336-8650!

pathway lighting

Now imagine the area in the image above during the nighttime hours without any lighting fixtures. It may be difficult to imagine, but this entire area was completely pitch-black and nearly impossible to walk through at night. We were able to collaborate with the homeowners and create a custom-designed layout to provide both aesthetic and practical illumination to the area. This allowed for this common area to become a very safe and relaxing area after dark with textures that came to life after dark.

We only utilize high-quality brass and copper fixtures that blend in with the foliage during the daylight hours and provide the perfect amount of illumination once nighttime arrives. Additionally, it’s low-voltage LED landscape lighting, so you aren’t using as much electricity to power them, ultimately saving on energy usage when compared to standard halogen lights.

landscape lighting

In the image above, the ultimate goal was to create illumination that “flowed” and guided the homeowners and guests towards their pool area after dark. We created a funneling cascade of illumination that cast elegant lighting onto surrounding foliage to create a warm, inviting environment. Additionally, the lighting actually does act as a nighttime roadmap to the pool area, which was also illuminated for added safety at night. We’re very proud of this particular Westlake, OH, landscape lighting job, as it came out beautifully and extended the homeowners’ usability of their outdoor firepit, pergola and pool.

front yard landscape lighting

The image above is from the same job as the previous image, just taken a little farther away. You’ll notice how the careful placement of different types of lighting fixtures creates a guiding effect with warm illumination towards the pool area and eliminates dark spots on the way there. This was, of course, by design. The last thing you want in a pool area is complete darkness, as this creates a safety hazard. If you can’t see exactly where you’re stepping, you may end up slipping or tripping and this was an obvious concern that we addressed.

No matter the extent of your Westlake, OH, home’s landscape lighting design, you can count on Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio. We’ve been designing and installing custom-designed landscape lighting in Westlake for nearly two decades. If you’d like to claim your 100% free landscape lighting design consultation, call us today at (440) 336-8650 or fill out our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you soon!