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Landscaping Lighting for Your Cleveland Area Home

Have you thought about landscaping lighting for your Cleveland and Northern Ohio area home? If you’re reading this blog, you’ve likely thought about adding lighting to your flower beds, hedge rows and focal trees. Here are some benefits of adding outdoor lighting to the landscaping around your property.

Create Focal Points with Cleveland Landscape Lighting

You love your landscaping! Whether you put in the blood sweat and tears yourself or you worked closely with a landscape designer and their team to get every detail just right, your landscaping is a reflection of you. Landscaping enhances curb appeal and interest to the front of your home and increases function and comfort to the back of your home. From retaining walls to ornamental trees and everything in between, it would be a shame to let the beauty and design of your landscape be covered by the veil of darkness.

Illuminate Unique and Interesting Details

You found that perfect fountain or water feature at the flea market for your landscape, a must have item for added tranquility. Enjoy it after dark with trickling water feature lighting. By illuminating your space after dark, you can enjoy the sound and sight any time, day or night. Other unique details make perfect candidates for evening illumination. You found a way to keep the hill at the back of your home from eroding with a gorgeous rock wall. With uplights shining on it, you’ll be able to see the details and texture of each and every stone as well as the depth between the stones.

Illuminate Trees & Flowers

You’ve chosen all the right flowers and all the right ornamental trees. Showcase them at night with gorgeous flower garden lighting. With custom designed landscape lighting we can use path lights to deepen the reds, brighten the pinks and bring truth to the green in your flower garden. Don’t forget the Japanese Maple that is the center of your landscape design. We’ll use uplighting with a wide wash to highlight the wide spread canopy and bring out the rich red of its leaves. We’ll add focal lighting to the trees throughout your landscape to draw the eye out and around your entire property while showing off the height and beauty of your favorite trees.

Illuminate for a Guiding Light

With the best quality Cleveland landscape lighting we can turn your hedges and pathways into inviting spaces to enjoy an evening walk through the garden. With hedge row lighting we’ll add safety and sure footing along your hedge lined path leading the way to your front door or around to the back of your home. The aesthetic appeal added with hedge row lighting makes seemingly ordinary hedges a sight to behold after dark. By adding path lighting to your sidewalks, paths and landscape we create a guiding light around the darkest parts of your property. Making your yard easy to navigate at night is a great way to be sure you’ll use your entire yard.

With landscape lighting from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio you will have gorgeous high quality outdoor lighting to show off all of your favorite landscape features. Making your favorite features focal points after dark provides depth and expanse to your yard for you and your guests to enjoy after dark.