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Cleveland Area Landscape Lighting Design Becomes an Exquisite Outdoor Lighting Showpiece

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“Thanks Tim but why did you send me a picture of somebody else’s house? This is a beautiful place but it can’t be my house. It’s waaaay too beautiful. WAIT!!! It IS my house! Whoa! I live here? You gotta be kidding. Seriously, thanks. This is excellent.”

Stunning Port Clinton landscape lighting became a reality for this lovely Lake in the Woods family, thanks to a collaborative creative effort during our complimentary nighttime demonstration. The family was referred to us by their landscaper who knew we could help illuminate their striking new landscaping for added beauty, safety and security as the nights grow longer this fall. While we knew the focus was the landscaping, once we arrived on site it was hard to dismiss the gorgeous Cape Cod architecture and fairy tale front porch. The demonstration became a collaborative art session as our outdoor lighting experts and the homeowners fed off each other’s creativity to land on this gorgeous hybrid lighting design that includes architectural lighting, path lighting, and landscape lighting with thoughtfully programmed lighting control.


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The front porch is positively the center piece of this Cape Cod home. By lighting the five gorgeous columns that steal the show, we were able to draw their eye right to this architectural anchor. But the real magic comes from the depth created by the shadows of the porch columns, railings and gorgeous arched braces. Additional enchanting shadows dance along the ceiling of the porch from the hanging baskets and garden greenery. The effect is a magical retreat that is expertly illuminated from afar with designer shadows within.


Decorative Lighting Cleveland Ohio

With so much to see, it became apparent that creating a single focal point within the landscape design would be beneficial for anchoring the whole project. Echoing the focus we placed on the porch, we were able to add a decorative light to the landscape to grab the attention of visitors with its intricate craftsmanship, designer shadows and unique style. Not only does this decorative light add interest and intrigue at night, it does the job of a garden sculpture or fountain during the day as it gives the landscape additional unique character.

Landscape lighting Cleveland Ohio

With expert landscape design at this Lake in the Woods home, we were able to illuminate the dazzling variety of plants and the classic paver walkway with our classic copper path lights and flood lights. Notice the focus we create on the height and canopy of the ornamental trees, a gorgeous contrast to the wide wash of light that crawls across the individual bricks of the paver pathway.


Port Clinton lighting control

When it comes to a multi-faceted outdoor lighting system, controlling the system is as important as the design itself. Having every light on one switch would limit the homeowner’s use of the lighting and create an all or none scenario. To make the lights as useful and flexible as possible we programmed automatic controls to allow for turning off the architectural lighting while leaving the path and landscape lighting on. This allows the homeowners to only use the lights they want, keeping their energy bill low. It also makes sure when they are away, that their arrival home will be greeted by the appropriate path lights for safe entry.

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- Tim Bickett, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio

Tim Bickett, Owner of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio