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One Day, All Homes in Chagrin Falls, OH, Will Feature the Beauty of Architectural Uplighting

If we offered you a way to showcase the most captivating elements of your home’s façade at night, would you be interested in hearing more about that? One of our most popular outdoor lighting techniques is called architectural uplighting. It’s really just like it sounds. The talented, skilled lighting designers with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio will focus on the architectural elements of your Chagrin Falls, OH, home. They’ll use a special lighting technique called uplighting. With this technique we place high-quality outdoor light fixtures on the ground to cast a wash of illumination upward across the front of your home.

Architectural Uplighting Adds Infinite Nighttime Curb Appeal

The effect is dramatic while also warm and inviting. Our professional outdoor lighting designers know how to use the precision of architectural uplighting to bring out your home’s unique and most interesting architectural details. One of our objectives is to create an effect so stunning that you won’t even notice the light fixtures. All you’ll see are the beautiful effects created.

We often combine architectural lighting with landscape lighting to feature the trees and other plantings you’ve nurtured to make your home more beautiful. Together, architectural uplighting and landscape lighting create a beautiful and balanced lighting effect. We will create the nighttime curb appeal at your Chagrin Falls OH home that other homes only dream of.

residential home with enhanced lighting

What architectural elements are visible on your home’s façade? Does your home feature columns, balconies or ornamental moldings? Do you have any bay windows, oriel windows or gable windows facing the front yard? Is your home’s façade made of stone, brick, stucco, cedar or siding? Your professional outdoor lighting designer will look for the architectural features, including texture, that will show up best with subtle illumination. You don’t need to worry about bright lights glaring in through your windows. Our lighting designers and installation technicians are trained, skilled and experienced. You can count on them to create a pleasing effect without disturbing glare.

For Your Outdoor Lighting Consultation, We Use Our Ears and Our Eyes

When you meet with us, your representative from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio will ask you about your goals for outdoor lighting at your home. We don’t just look around; we listen, too. Enhancing and showcasing the home’s exterior is usually high on a client’s list. One of the first things most clients ask us to do is accentuate the entrance to their home. Gone are the days of a single porch light beside the front door. For a warm and welcoming impression, we use better fixtures and more artistic techniques.

Who is the audience? Who will appreciate the enhanced beauty of your home’s façade when it is gently illuminated? First, you and your family! We want you to be pleased with your architectural lighting and appreciate its beauty and the dimension it adds to your home’s appearance. Then, your guests, friends and neighbors. Finally, anyone passing by on your street. With the dramatic effects of architectural uplighting, heads will turn! If your home looked ordinary before, it won’t when we are finished installing the lighting we design for you.

home with landscape lighting

Architectural uplighting is perfect for every home, but it’s not the same at every home. That’s because each home is unique. After we listen to your outdoor lighting goals, we examine all of the architectural features along the front of your home. Is your home designed to look symmetrical or asymmetrical? Either way, we will use that design and enhance its effect.

Professionals Do It Best: Call Us for Architectural Uplighting Chagrin Falls OH Will Appreciate

We do want to caution you about taking a do-it-yourself approach to architectural uplighting. We know you’ve seen the outdoor lighting fixtures in the home improvement stores. You may have had someone tell you how easy they are to set up. What they don’t tell you is that if you are not talented, trained and experienced – specifically in outdoor lighting design – you’re bound to be disappointed with the results. This is one of those jobs you should leave to the professionals.

We are those professionals. We are the outdoor lighting specialists who design the kind of architectural uplighting Chagrin Falls OH has been waiting for. You don’t need to wait any longer.

When you hire Outdoor Lighting Perspectives to design and install your architectural lighting, you will appreciate our professionalism and our superior results. Our designs don’t just illuminate your home. They captivate the attention.