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If You're Looking for Festive Patio String Lighting, Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives Today!

Magical. Dreamy. Romantic. Take a look at these suspended strings of magical lights and those are just a few of the words you use to describe the feeling they provide. They are just as magical for residential installations as they are for commercial applications. No matter what you would call them, whether you call them “festive lights”, “party lights”, “cafe lighting” or “bistro lighting”, we can design and install string lighting that not only meets your expectations but exceeds them entirely.

String Lighting

What do you call these lights? Relatively new as an outdoor lighting technique, it seems the “common” name is up for grabs. You might have heard “party lighting”, “festoon lighting” or even “fiesta lighting”. It seems that “string lighting” may end up the common term as it harkens back to the string lights we wrap around our holiday trees. You’ve probably seen all sorts of indoor applications where teens will snag onto a set of the Christmas lights and drape them across their ceiling line. You’ve likely seen a few fun and whimsical uses of lights strung through trellises, across the slats of pergolas, or draping from an open porch ceiling.

There are, however, a couple fatal flaws of the home-grown use of string lighting.

Deck and Railing string lighting

Your string lighting, especially for outdoor applications, needs to be installed correctly and needs to be correctly attached to the power source in order to safely and effectively work in outdoor applications. In addition, outdoor string lighting needs to be of high quality and properly installed to work as desired and to stay installed. The last thing you want to do is worry whenever there’s a story or strong breeze that your string lights could easily become “uninstalled” or worry about any fire hazards. Those are the practical considerations. From an aesthetic and home improvement investment perspective, it’s important that you choose high-quality lights that don’t inflate your power bill. That’s why you should choose Outdoor Lighting Perspectives for your outdoor string lighting. Take a look at the span in the image below. With Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, even spanning a gigantic patio like this is no problem.