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Are You Ready to Add Outdoor Lighting to Your Solon Oh Home?

Have you been thinking about adding outdoor lighting for your home, yard, pathways, driveway, deck, patio or landscaping? You’ve come to the right place. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio has been designing, installing and servicing outdoor lighting in the Cleveland area since 1997. Outdoor lighting is all we do and we’re passionate about designing the best outdoor lighting system for your home.

How we design outdoor lighting for your home

There are so many areas of your yard and landscaping that can be illuminated. Drive down residential streets at night and you’ll see numerous techniques from bold and harsh spotlighting to runway style solar lights. Professional outdoor lighting is designed to achieve the objective of illumination but to do so artfully with the correct amount of gentle, romantic illumination. Our goal is not to illuminate every tree, bush and furniture item in your yard. Our goal is to create a scene. Perhaps your goal is to have safe passage from the driveway to the front door and to ensure the front door is illuminated in such a way to be welcoming. We will design lighting to accomplish that goal.

Take a look at the image below. This home’s facade is gently illuminated with uplighting on the facade as well as lighting on the porch columns. A focal tree adjacent to the front porch is also illuminated providing a warm welcome to homeowners and guests alike.

Looking further at the home above, take a look at the light fixtures mounted atop the covered front porch. Those LED lights illuminate the home’s second-story facade that would otherwise be dark because ground level uplighting would not reach past the covered porch. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we take care and attention to ensure that your entire beautiful facade is illuminated.

Take a look at the broad driveway leading to the beautiful stucco house pictured below. You’ll notice that the stone pillar gracing the drive is illuminated to welcome guests and homeowners alike. The floral landscaping adorning the driveway is also gently illuminated. At the far end of the driveway, this stucco home’s facade is gently illuminated with soft romantic lighting accenting the majestic nature of this home. The lighting is designed to ensure safe passage down the driveway and welcome all who enter.

exterior lighting

Take a look at the stunning backyard lighting below.

exterior home lighting

Take a closer look at the landscaping bed above and you’ll see a couple different types of lights being utilized. LED copper path lights adorn both sides of the stone path at only necessary intervals to accomplish the task without over illuminating. A ground level well light is used to illuminate the small tree. Take a look at the detail that you can see in the focal tree as a result of the lighting technique utilized. Toward the back of the scene, you’ll see a gently illuminated outdoor living area including both a pergola and an outdoor fireplace. We look forward to discussing lighting ideas for your Solon area home.