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If an LED Lighting Upgrade Makes Sense for Progressive Field, Does It Make Sense for You?

Progressive Field, home of the American League Champion Cleveland Indians, is joining many of our customers in upgrading their outdoor lighting to LED. LED lighting will be installed in time for the 2017 season making Progressive Field the eleventh Major League ballpark to go LED.

Homeowners and businesses alike are upgrading their outdoor lighting to LED systems. Often, the same fixtures can be used and retrofitted to LED. Let’s compare the average outdoor lighting system we’ve upgraded with Progressive Field’s outdoor lighting system. The rated life of our LEDs is 50,000 hours. If we program your lighting system to turn off at midnight, your lights will last 22 years or longer. Progressive field is banking on their new lighting system lasting 20 years. One run for residential retrofits!

Let’s look at reduction in energy consumption. Our average LED retro-fit reduces wattage (energy consumption) by 80+%. Progressive Field will realize 70% energy savings. Another run for residential LED outdoor lighting upgrades.

northern ohio owner tim With an LED upgrade to your lighting system, we can adjust the brightness of your system to make your landscape and the architectural detail of your home look better. At Progressive Field the brighter LEDs will reduce glare and shadows and make the game look better. This one is a tie.

If an LED upgrade makes sense for Progressive Field, it makes even more sense when applied to a low voltage outdoor lighting system. It looks like it will be a home run for your home to install or retrofit your existing system to LED.