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Embrace The Shadows!

Illuminating your home with the perfect outdoor lighting system is not only about the light. The true magic comes when shadows are strategically created allowing the light to really shine. After all you can’t have light without dark.

Designer Shadows

Decorative outdoor lighting fixtures by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio take the benefit of shadows to a whole new level. With a variety of artistic designs deftly carved right into the fixture design, the light fixture itself becomes a piece of fine art. Not only that, but each unique sculpture projects designer shadows on your patio, pathway or landscaping creating a magical romantic ambiance for your outdoor living.

Add texture with shade

Cleveland outdoor lighting is all about subtlety. Illuminating all of your favorite features on the exterior of your home might feel like the best approach, but at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio we find that using restraint when lighting focal points results in the best effects. When your home has cedar shake siding, it takes just the right shadow between and under the shakes to show off the beautiful siding at night. By aiming the light up and under the shakes we use shade to show-off texture that you just can’t see with a spotlight. With our strategic outdoor lighting design the texture of a cedar shake house is often more detailed at night than in the brightness of a sunny day.

Add depth with shadow

Homes with multiple reliefs in their architecture rely heavily on shadows to highlight the dimension. By spacing our lights and adjusting the width of the wash, we accentuate the depth of the varying architectural reliefs. In the light of the day, the sun creates shadows, as should your outdoor lighting.

Natural Color

If you’ve ever seen a picture that was taken with a flash that is too bright you know the color results are unnatural and unsightly. Human skin tones and light colors will turn bright white. Rich primary colors will appear muted. The same idea applies to outdoor lighting. Whether it’s your garden, favorite tree or your home’s exterior, a too bright light, too direct light, or too many lights will wash out the colors making them look unnatural and overwhelming. By using just the right brightness, shining at just the right angle and creating shadow between and behind the highlighted items, we allow your eye to render the natural color of your landscape and home.


While all of the practical effects of shadowing in outdoor lighting are important and lovely, nothing beats the romantic ambiance created by the use of shadowing. When we are lighting a pool, spa, patio or gazebo, we make sure that a romantic atmosphere can be achieved with the use of just the right amount of light, but equally as important, just the right amount of shadow. With the use of shadows, we can create a lovely natural three dimensional effect for your home and outdoor living areas. Embrace the shadow with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio.