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2016 Resolution: I will not buy another bulb for at least 20 years

We’ve heard some really bold New Year’s resolutions but this may likely be the boldest one yet. Although this sounds downright ridiculous, it’s completely true. LED bulbs last approximately 50,000 hours. If you use those bulbs about 8 hours/day, they can last approximately 20 years.

We’re fortunate here in the Northern OH area that homeowners are adopting LED technology for outdoor lighting at a rapid rate. In fact, last year, almost all of the systems we installed were LED outdoor lighting systems for our Cleveland area customers. We also upgraded many old outdoor lighting systems to LED.


Most of us have stood in the aisle of a big box store looking at the price comparison between traditional halogen bulbs and LED bulbs. Depending on the home improvement store, the comparable looking/function bulb in LED can be about 3 times the price of its halogen counterpart. But, given that the inexpensive halogen bulb will be lucky to still be working after one year, that’s quite a difference.

Now have you ever been at that big box store staring at the price difference between a long-lasting and short-lasting technology with a pragmatic person whispering in your ear? Worse yet if that pragmatic person is also an accountant and is performing multi-year computations and comparisons on the fly. That pragmatic person’s cost savings calculations will certainly show the dramatic savings of using a sound long-lasting technology over a technology designed to work for a short period of time.

After adding an LED outdoor lighting system to your yard or upgrading your existing outdoor lighting system, you can keep the resolution of not buying another bulb for about 20 years; and you’ll save a lot of money doing it.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern OH, we offer a free nighttime demonstration. Give us a call today to purchase a new LED outdoor lighting system or to upgrade your system today.