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Your Westlake, OH, Yard is Brimming with Possibilities for Beautiful Landscape Lighting

The truth is no matter how beautiful your Westlake, OH, landscaping may be, it goes dark at night without suitable landscape lighting. No matter the beauty of your ornamental trees and the splendor of your flower beds, they are difficult to see at night – without the help of outdoor lighting. And not just any outdoor lighting – we’re talking about the kind of landscape lighting that lifts a tree, shrub or flower into another dimension.

Landscape lighting

Look to Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio to bring your home’s beautiful landscape back into view after the sunsets. Whether you personally designed and nurtured your own landscaping or hired a talented team to handle it, there’s no need to let it disappear each evening. With the skills and experience of the talented professionals here at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, you can have a beautiful yard day and night.

Look to Go Pro – Professional Outdoor Lighting Makes All the Difference!

In so many areas of our lives – and businesses – we rely on professionals to do what they do best. You appreciate the skills, talents and experience of an accountant, an attorney, an auto mechanic, an interior decorator or a photographer … to name just a few. Let’s not forget the professional landscapers and the awesome work they do! Each of these professionals has invested in specialized training. They probably came to their specialty with a knack or natural talent for it. Professional outdoor lighting and landscape lighting are no different.

When you hire a professional Westlake, OH, landscape lighting team with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio, you put your faith and trust into our training, talent, skills and experience. Outdoor lighting is all we do, which is one reason we’re so good at it. (Another reason is because we hire the best people!) And we don’t just install lights. We design a lighting plan specific to your yard, to achieve your lighting goals. Then we install the fixtures we have selected for you and adjust each one to maximum effect.

Landscape and architectural lighting

If you want your landscape lighting done right, engage the professionals. Many a do-it-yourselfer has been dismayed and disappointed with the results of their own attempts at outdoor lighting. If someone tells you how much you could save by purchasing your own outdoor fixtures at a home improvement store, smile and walk away. If your landscaper tries to convince you they can install your lighting and match the results of a professional outdoor lighting company, don’t fall for that! Thank you … but no thank you!

Professional Landscape Lighting Westlake, OH, Homeowners Can Appreciate

What comes to mind when you think of landscape lighting? Holding that question, look around your yard, front and back, and consider what features on your Westlake, OH, property you would like to highlight after dark. Would it be a dramatic, tall tree with a grand trunk and branches reaching to the sky? Would it be an elegant Japanese maple with its canopy a glorious shade of crimson? Your rows of flowering shrubs along the driveway? The bohemian tumble of plants in container gardens on your patio? Your prized roses growing in carefully-designed flower beds? Let’s consider some of the opportunities for landscape lighting Westlake, OH, properties.

  • Trees, shrubs and flowers

Let’s show off your most beautiful trees, shapely shrubs and delicate flowers. If you have an especially tall tree, we may even install lights high up in the branches to shine down through the leaves like moonlight. You tell us what plantings you would like to feature. We’ll tell you, based on our experience, which ones can be illuminated most effectively based on their position in relation to each other and to your house.

Patio lighting

  • Patio, deck and pool

Outdoor living spaces benefit tremendously from landscape lighting. Suddenly you will have more hours each day (ok, each night) to enjoy your outdoor living spaces. When the weather is mild, you‘ll appreciate spending more time outdoors after dark. Your professional lighting designer will recommend tiny lights for safety on the deck stairs. If you have a pergola as part of your outdoor living space, we can illuminate it beautifully.

  • Water features and fire features

Double your pleasure when you can see, as well as hear, your waterfall or fountain after dark. And a carefully-illuminated outdoor fireplace or fire pit becomes a dramatic decorative element in your yard even when you’re not using it.

Pathway and landscape lighting

  • Driveway, walkways, pathways

Anytime you have an uneven walkway or a change in elevation in your yard, we can design landscape lighting to increase safety in those locations. When a stone or brick path is illuminated by gentle lighting, you and your guests will have surer footing and fewer tripping accidents. You’ll also gain peace of mind.

Landscape lighting

Bring your Westlake, OH home and landscape to life after dark with elegant landscape lighting.