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Welcome to Chagrin Falls, OH, Where Beauty and Practicality Thrive in Tandem

Homeowners shouldn’t have to choose between beauty and practicality. With outdoor lighting in Chagrin Falls, Ohio, designed and installed by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, you won’t have to.

Some Chagrin Falls homeowners think outdoor lighting is all about making your home look amazing, and others think it’s all about adding safety – so who’s right? In this case, everyone’s right! Let’s not pit neighbor against neighbor. Why argue?

When your Chagrin Falls home is graced with professionally-designed and installed outdoor lighting by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio, everybody wins. The beauty of your home and the safety of its occupants and guests are both enhanced. No argument.

Outdoor lighting

Investing in the Beauty Outdoor Lighting Brings to your Home

There’s an interesting phenomenon around residential outdoor lighting you may not be aware of. Whatever look you want your home to project, that’s precisely the aspect that’s enhanced when we install professional outdoor lighting. If you want your home to look elegant and formal, the addition of custom-designed architectural and façade lighting accomplishes that. If you want to emphasize your home’s charm, the right lighting design will bring out that aspect. It’s not by happenstance. It’s because we listen to you when you describe what you want outdoor lighting to achieve at your home. Our lighting designers are skilled in the art of using light to bring out the qualities you value.

Architectural and façade lighting do more than illuminate your home. These lighting techniques showcase your home’s most interesting architectural features, and not in a showy or ostentatious way. We create dimension through the use of light and shadow in areas that would otherwise appear flat in darkness. Whether the front of your home has columns, arched windows, or ornamental trim, our expert illumination draws those features out to increase their impact at night. Our lighting plan is custom-designed specifically for your home and its features.

Pathway and landscape lighting

Safety is “Designed into” Your Custom Outdoor Lighting Plan

As professional outdoor lighting designers, we constantly think about our clients’ safety at home. We see lighting as a tool that can be used for more than one purpose at a time. While we’re creating elegant or charming illumination to bring out your home’s best features, we can also enhance your family’s safety – and that of your guests, too!

When you think of home safety, what comes to mind? For us, the term applies to two very different events. First, it means increasing your safety by deterring crime. Second, it means creating safe passage by eliminating tripping hazards along your walkways.

When we design illumination for your Chagrin Falls, OH, home, we take the time to find the dark spots where would-be intruders might hide. Then – without the forcefulness of a glaring spotlight – we gently remove those dark areas.

For the second aspect of home safety, we assess the need for path lighting around your property. Anywhere you have a path or walkway from your home to a pool, a workshop, or an outdoor fireplace, for example, we recommend path lighting. Stepping stones or pavers can shift or come unlodged unexpectedly. Debris can make a path unsafe without warning. Your decision to add a series of low-voltage LED lights along your walkways falls into the category of better safe than sorry.

Outdoor lighting

The Practical Side of Landscape Lighting: Extending Hours of Enjoyment Outdoors

Before electricity, humans used firelight to extend the time they could see outdoors. Before we perfected landscape lighting, Chagrin Falls homeowners used candles, tiki torches, and even flashlights when darkness fell on their decks and patios. When you’re enjoying an evening outdoors with friends, everyone resists giving in to the darkness as it persists in driving you indoors. We have the solution. Darkness is no match for landscape lighting around your deck or patio. What’s more, the right deck or patio lighting can create a relaxing, romantic, or festive ambiance. Let your Outdoor Lighting Perspectives lighting designer know what ambiance you prefer. We have the right fixtures and the necessary training and skills to accomplish it for you.

Landscape lighting

The Beauty of Landscape Lighting Gives Pure Enjoyment

Outdoor illumination doesn’t always have to be practical. We highly recommend outdoor lighting for the sheer enjoyment of your favorite outdoor sights. Whether you have a formal garden or the splendor of individual flower beds here and there, why let them go dark and flat at night? If you have any water features or outdoor artwork – fountains or statues, for example – the end of the day might be the only time you have to enjoy them peacefully.

Beauty or safety? Enjoyment or practicality? With professional outdoor lighting, you don’t have to choose. For nighttime curb appeal in the front yard and private enjoyment in the back, let us bring both charm and practical illumination to your home after dark. Put outdoor lighting in Chagrin Falls, Ohio, to work for you.

Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio to find out how professionally-installed outdoor lighting can transform your Chagrin Falls, Ohio, home after dark.