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Hello, Shaker Heights, OH! Is Your Home Ready for its Close-Up? Outdoor Lighting Can Help!

Imagine your Shaker Heights home ready for a photo shoot; while a person might apply make-up to accentuate their best features, for a home and lawn it’s all about the lighting. Elegant, beautiful, subtle but dramatic outdoor lighting can transform a home in so many ways. When you first look at a home that has been enhanced by outdoor lighting, it’s hard to put your finger on where the lights are or how they’re arranged — all you know is how beautiful and alluring it looks.

Shaker Heights MapIf you would like to see — and show off — your home in its best light, join the wave of outdoor lighting in Shaker Heights, OH. While it’s possible to purchase individual light fixtures and bulbs at a home improvement store, those purchases will not give you the photo-ready effect you’re envisioning. Only lighting that has been designed and installed by a professional lighting firm like Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio can deliver the stunning effect we’re talking about here.

A professional outdoor lighting designer brings talent, skill and training to the project, honed by years of experience. Professional installation means you will not have to be the person who climbs the ladder. Leave that work to someone who does it every day with finesse.

The phrase “outdoor lighting” encompasses a variety of lighting styles and techniques, so before we settle on what kind of lights will best enhance your lawn and home, our designer will come out to your property to meet with you there. We’ll walk around your yard with you and talk about what your goals are for your outdoor lighting and how we could best achieve them. This design consultation is free.

Determining Your Outdoor Lighting Goals

Different types of outdoor lighting include architectural lighting, landscape lighting, pool lighting, deck lighting, patio lighting and, saving the best for last, outdoor holiday lighting. That’s right! We can design and install your holiday lighting each year, and we even store the holiday lighting equipment for you! But we’re getting ahead of ourselves now.

Architectural lighting accentuates the most visually interesting aspects of your home’s façade. We want to gently illuminate the structure so the lighting is balanced and attractive. Architectural lighting shows off your home while illuminating previously dark areas, so it can also serve as security lighting to ward off intruders.

To create landscape lighting, our designer will talk with you about which elements in your yard you would most like to feature. These might include trees, shrubs, flower gardens or even a fountain. We employ different lighting techniques to achieve different effects, so our designer will recommend those depending on your lighting goals. If you have ever seen light placed high up in a tree, shining down through the leaves in a pattern of light and shadow, you have seen the technique called moonlighting. Landscape lighting can also serve as safety lighting along walkways, for example from the driveway to the house or around the back of the house to the deck or porch stairs.

Landscape Lighting

Together, architectural and landscape lighting increase curb appeal and say “Welcome” to your guests. They also welcome you and your family home each time you return after dark. When you enjoy coming home to a well-lit yard and house, you’ll wonder why you waited so long to look into professional outdoor lighting.

Depending on what outdoor living spaces you have at your home, you’ll also want to consider lighting placed around your deck, patio or pool, making those areas more inviting and usable at night. You’ll be amazed at how much more often you’ll use your outdoor living spaces if you have the right outdoor lighting.

Save Money with Updated Outdoor Lighting in Shaker Heights, OH

If you assume outdoor lighting will double or triple your electricity bills, let us assure you that is not the case. We use LED lights now, and the bulbs last for years while the lighting uses at least 80% less energy than previous outdoor lighting technologies. If you currently have halogen lights installed by another company, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio can retrofit your existing lighting system to LED so you’ll save money on your electricity bill each month.