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Outdoor Lighting in Hudson, OH: The Intersection of History and Innovation

When we hear that Hudson, OH, blends history and tradition with innovation, what does that mean to individuals in homes and neighborhoods of this quaint but dynamic city? We can only answer from the perspective of an outdoor lighting company because that is what we are: Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio. To us, blending history and tradition with innovation looks like well-appointed historic homes on tree-lined residential streets tastefully showcased with the most exquisite outdoor lighting technology can offer.

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Hudson, OH, calls itself a thriving suburb with innovation on every corner. In the world of residential outdoor lighting, innovation means using the newest technology when it will improve efficiency and enhance the effects of outdoor lighting at your home. That is exactly how we use technology in our work as professional outdoor lighting designers. Who benefits? You do—the homeowner who wants a “smart” outdoor lighting system that, while using the latest LED technology, just makes the house and yard look amazing.

Outdoor lighting

Beautiful Historic Homes Look Even More Beautiful with Today’s LED Lighting

It’s difficult to improve on a beautiful home, but with architectural lighting we can do that. We use artfully placed outdoor lighting to enhance the beauty that is built into your home’s facade. The combination of the home’s architectural features and the play of light and shadow can be quite stunning. Today’s LED technology for outdoor lighting must take some of the credit. Our professional lighting designers can pinpoint just the right level of light to bathe your home in a gentle, welcoming glow without overstating the intent or appearing brassy.

Now, we know that not every beautiful home in Hudson, OH, is historic. The city has its share of gorgeous new homes, too. The luxurious benefits of architectural lighting apply to homes of any era.

In addition to illuminating your home’s façade, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio has an entire repertoire of landscape lighting techniques to showcase the best features of your yard. Landscape lighting combined with architectural lighting will put your home on the map of beautiful places to drive by at night in Hudson, OH.

Landscape and pathway lighting

Technology Brings LED and LCA Together for Savings and Convenience

Outdoor lighting technology is what brings Hudson, OH, and Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio together. You probably know that LED stands for light-emitting diode. Did you know that LED is quickly taking over the outdoor lighting platform and replacing halogen lights? There are several reasons for this development. Here are a few:

More energy efficient: LED lighting uses at least 80% less energy than prior lighting technologies. If you switch from halogen lights to LED, you will see a drop in your electricity bill each month.

Longer-lasting bulbs: An LED bulb can last for 50,000 hours. That is 5.7 years IF the bulb is turned on 24 hours a day. At a more reasonable usage of 8 hours per night, the LED bulb could last up to 18 years, a substantial cost savings as you purchase fewer replacement bulbs.

More environmentally friendly: Energy-efficient lighting means fewer energy resources are used for lighting in our communities. Longer-lasting bulbs mean less waste. LED bulbs do not contain toxic chemicals like some light bulbs do.

Now, what about LCA? LCA stands for Lighting Control Automation, another way technology improves our use of outdoor (and indoor) lighting. With LCA, you can program your outdoor lights to turn on and off when you want them to. No more evenings when you smack your forehead at 11 p.m. as you realize your forgot to turn on the outdoor lighting. Here are a few of the tricks LCA can perform for your family:

• Create “zones” to control groups of lights inside and outside
• Dim lights in a specific zone
• Have your outdoor lights come on automatically at dusk and go off at dawn
• Turn off all of your lights from central keypads
• Set “zones” where your lights will turn on and off so your home looks occupied
• Reset your lighting for daylight savings time

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Selecting an Outdoor Lighting Installer in Hudson, OH

By now you are probably convinced that every home in Hudson, OH, whether it’s historic or new, needs cutting edge professional outdoor lighting. Your next step is selecting an outdoor lighting installer in Hudson, OH. Let us direct your attention to this video about Selecting an Outdoor Lighting Company. Also, please take a look at the overwhelming testimonials at the bottom section of our Home page. We feel certain you will select Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio for the honors of illuminating your home each evening.