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Count on Professionals to Bring the Artistry of Outdoor Lighting to Your Aurora, OH, Home

Aurora, OH, has more than its share of elegant homes, to the extent that Aurora itself seems like a showplace of unique and beautiful residences. Have you seen the homes that are illuminated at night with outdoor lighting? Lighting done just right—professionally designed and installed outdoor lighting—can take your breath away. The word we usually hear from clients after we complete a lighting installation in Aurora is stunning.

Aurora Map

Enhancing the Beauty of Your Home

We can’t take all of the credit. While Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio does contribute artistic design and technical expertise to that effect, the homes themselves are already beautiful. Our role is to artfully enhance that beauty by illuminating each home’s most interesting, beautiful or dramatic elements. Our lighting designers know how to tease the interaction of light and shadow when we illuminate the architectural features of your home or highlight selected features on your property.

Professional outdoor lighting is an art, much like the artistry of interior decorating. You rely on the talents and skills of a decorator, and you appreciate their artistic eye and their feeling for contrast, depth and dimension. Likewise, outdoors, our lighting designers display their talent and skill as they showcase your landscape and your home’s exterior at night.

Exterior House Lighting

Appreciating Outdoor Lighting in Aurora, Ohio

What you may notice when you see your home illuminated for the first time, when the switch is flipped and the lights come on, is how much better it looks. What we mean is how much better it looks now that you can see it, compared to the appearance when it was engulfed in darkness and shadow. It’s not the difference between night and day, it’s the difference between seen and unseen.

If you take the time to look more closely, you will begin to notice more details about the effect the lighting has on your home’s architecture and landscape. The lighting picks up textures on your home’s façade that you may not notice in the daylight. Across your landscape, with your most beautiful trees and flowers gently illuminated, you notice a new dimension created where featured trees and plants are brought forward while others recede into shadow.

Combining a Variety of Outdoor Lighting Techniques

The best professional outdoor lighting is a confluence of architectural lighting and landscape lighting and includes lighting your outdoor living areas, too. Some people think outdoor lighting is only used in the front, but if your deck, patio and pool are in the back of the home, you need lighting there also. Let’s look at a few types of professional outdoor lighting for your Aurora, OH, home.

  • Architectural Lighting – We will carefully position gentle, not glaring, lights to illuminate the most interesting features of your home’s façade. The effect reveals texture not noticed in daylight.
  • Landscape Lighting – Subtle highlights focus on the most beautiful trees and other plantings, turning your property into a magical display of quiet beauty. We also illuminate water features, fire features and statues to increase your enjoyment of these treasures on your property.

Landscape and Path Lighting

  • Path Lighting – As much for safety as beauty, we want to provide light for safe footing as people arrive at your home or walk about. Any pathways, walkways or steps are candidates for path lighting, especially stepping stones.
  • Pool Lighting – A bit of landscape lighting around your pool area will increase safety and create an ambiance to make anyone a fan of the midnight swim.
  • Deck and Patio Lighting – Decks offer unique opportunities for lighting: tiny lights on stair risers for safety, down-lights on posts at the top of the steps and a few lights placed at intervals under the deck railing. Patio lighting is more like pool lighting in that we work with the landscape that surrounds your patio to create the ambiance you desire.

Is there no end to outdoor lighting in Aurora, Ohio? The list above does not cover every possible application of outdoor lighting at your home. When we visit your home for a design consultation, we’ll talk about all of the many benefits of professional outdoor lighting we can bring to your home.