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Show Your Neighbors What Outdoor LED Lighting in Medina, OH, Is All About

Do you believe outdoor lighting is under-appreciated in Medina, OH? How many homeowners in your immediate neighborhood have installed professional outdoor lighting around their home and yard? If you had outdoor lighting installed at your home today, would you be the first on your street to do so?

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It’s likely that you, and more of your neighbors, would hire a professional outdoor lighting company such as Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio if you knew more about the benefits of outdoor lighting. We would also like you to know more about our process, our superior lighting fixtures and our great customer service.

Benefits of Outdoor Lighting in Medina, OH

There is a long list of benefits to having outdoor lighting professionally installed at your home, and most of them center around two things: beauty and safety. Some clients appreciate adding some safety with their beauty (think nighttime curb appeal) and some like adding beauty with their safety. Which group would you belong to?

  • Beauty: If you’ve worked hard or invested money making your yard and your home beautiful, you will really love being able to appreciate the results at night as well. Nighttime curb appeal is more dramatic than in daytime, so your friends and neighbors will appreciate it, too. Being able to sit out on your deck or patio at night for the pure enjoyment of gazing at your beautiful gardens is a special luxury more people should have. Landscape lighting is one of our specialties.
  • Safety and Security: If you’ve ever seen anyone trip over a stepping stone or uneven spot in a garden path, you know the increased safety offered by path lighting. We use path lighting to eliminate tripping hazards in your yard. We also believe that outdoor lighting can be used to deter potential intruders.
  • Increased enjoyment of outdoor living spaces: Would you use your deck, patio or pool more if outdoor lighting allowed you to see better outdoors at night? Our clients tell us they absolutely do get more enjoyment from their outdoor living spaces after we add landscape lighting and other outdoor lighting to the area.

Pool Area Lighting

What other possible benefits can you see coming from the professional installation of outdoor lighting at your home?

The Outdoor Lighting Perspectives Process

We offer a free lighting design consultation at your home, and you are not obligated to purchase our services after we meet with you. (Of course, we hope you will.) Our lighting designer will meet you at your home at the appointed time and talk with you about the various kinds of outdoor lighting, our fixtures and our techniques. First we want to know about your goals for outdoor lighting at your home. Then we will make recommendations. Any professional lighting designer will tell you not to light every tree or shrub in your yard. We suggest being selective and lighting only the most beautiful objects to which you want the eye to be drawn. Sometimes that isn’t even a tree or plant; it may be a water feature, outdoor fireplace or a piece of outdoor art.

Backyard Lighting

Outdoor LED lighting in Medina, OH

LED technology has improved over the last several years, and we now recommend using all LED bulbs for your outdoor lighting. While LED light looks beautiful and enhances the beauty of everything it touches, we also like LED because it is so amazingly energy efficient. LED lights use about 80% less of the energy used by halogen lights. If you have a halogen system in place now, we can retrofit your fixtures to use LED bulbs, saving you money on the next electricity bill and all of them in the future. We can convert your system to LED even if another company installed the lighting originally.

The lighting fixtures we use are handcrafted and beautiful enough that if any of them are visible around your trees or shrubs, you won’t mind. The fixtures are copper and brass and they are made to stand up to the elements. The fixtures develop a beautiful patina as they are exposed to weather over time.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives’ Strong Customer Service Ethic

Customers are very important to us. Everything we do is dedicated to winning your trust. Our customer service representatives are responsive and they follow up to make sure your questions are answered.

If you’ve given some thought to adding professional outdoor lighting at your home, give us a call and take us up on the offer of a free lighting design consultation. We think you’ll be glad you did. We see outdoor LED lighting in Medina, OH, in your future.