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With Elegant Deck Lighting in Lakewood, OH, You Can Be in a Deck State of Mind Any Time

In Lakewood, Ohio, we love our decks. After a long, cold winter, who doesn’t relish the feeling of sitting out in the fresh air on the deck late into the evening? If we have to throw on a sweater or jacket when the evening gets cooler, that’s alright. We’re just happy to be outside. We know summer is on the way and evenings will get warmer. All in good time, right? As long we have deck lighting, we’re good.

Decks are great for so many things. It’s not so much about different activities as it is different states of mind. Solitude on the deck is perfect for reading or just thinking. You don’t need a lot of light to think by, but you do need enough light to read by or you’ll be driven indoors—and then what’s the point of having a deck?

Stairwell LightingLaughter is more fun with subtle deck lighting

Girlfriends catching up is another deck state of mind. Put the kids to bed and retreat to the deck with a few of your best friends and a bottle of wine. If you have deck lighting, you can see the faces of the friends with whom you’re sharing good times. If you don’t have deck lighting, you might as well be blindfolded. A lot of laughter is based on facial expressions, whether we realize it or not. Candlelight can be fun, but it’s really not enough.

If your children are staying up past dark, enjoying the deck as a family is an excellent way of spending time together without sitting in front of the television. Family board games are fun on the deck if you have enough light to see the difference between Park Place and Pacific Avenue.

Deck LightingLakewood, OH, homeowners value deck safety

There’s another side of deck lighting, and it’s more about safety than fun. Your family is safer on the deck if the stairs are lit. You have less likelihood of a guest tripping and falling if you have a few lights strategically placed around the deck. It doesn’t take a lot of light to make a difference.

We’ll need to see your deck to make a firm recommendation, but we always suggest a downlight on each of the two posts at the top of the stairs. We also recommend a few more lights under the railing every few feet around the perimeter of the deck and a light installed on stair risers or along stair railings for safety on the stairs.

Trust us to install elegant deck lighting in Lakewood, OH

Working with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio is easy. Once you schedule your free design consultation, our lighting designer will come out and meet with you at your home. We’re interested in hearing how you would like to use outdoor lighting around your property, especially on your deck. We’ll make recommendations based on our years of experience designing outdoor lighting plans for other homeowners around the Cleveland area. The installation of elegant deck lighting in Lakewood, OH, goes a lot smoother with our technicians because they’ve had experience doing just that. This is not the time for the Do-It-Yourself approach!