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The Right Outdoor Lighting Designer AND Installer Makes All the Difference in Westlake, OH

If your Westlake, OH, home doesn’t have professional outdoor lighting installed, your friends, neighbors and guests may know your home is there, but they can barely see it at night. They certainly can’t see its beauty, its architectural features and the landscaping that you proudly show off during the daytime. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio can help you turn your home around from nighttime invisibility to nighttime curb appeal and increased outdoor enjoyment.

Pathway and landscape lighting

Why You Will Love the Addition of Outdoor Lighting at Your Westlake OH Home

Having professional outdoor lighting installed at your Westlake home simply takes the good life to the next level. You’ve worked hard to create a beautiful home for your family with gorgeous landscaping and upscale lifestyle amenities. Adding high-quality, carefully-planned outdoor lighting enables you to enjoy your home even more. Now, share that joy with family, friends and neighbors.

Westlake homeowners experience many benefits when they add top-notch outdoor lighting from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio. For now, we want to focus on two of those benefits: making your outdoors more enjoyable and welcoming guests at your home. These are two of the reasons your fellow Westlake homeowners mention most frequently when they tell us how thrilled they are with their new outdoor lighting installation.

Patio lighting

  • You’ve created the outdoor living spaces you wanted for your home … what if you could enjoy them even more than you do now? What if your patio had that inviting, relaxing ambiance that you can only obtain from artfully-designed landscape lighting around the patio? What if your deck had just the right level of ambient lighting that allowed you to enjoy dining outdoors where you could see your food and the faces of your guests? What if your pool had colorful lights dancing on the surface of the water and soft white light dancing among the landscaping surrounding the pool area? Your enjoyment of these special areas around your home would increase exponentially with outdoor lighting. Your guests would never want to leave when you entertained outdoors.

Outdoor lighting design

  • “Nighttime curb appeal” is one way to describe the genuine welcome your guests will experience as they pull up to your home when it’s tastefully-adorned with elegant outdoor lighting. It doesn’t take a lot of illumination to show off the beautiful architectural features of your home. When our professional outdoor lighting designers create a lighting plan for your home’s exterior, your guests will feel like you’ve rolled out the red carpet for them. From the end of the driveway to the front door, and across the sweep of your front lawn, gentle illumination will draw them closer and make them glad to be among those invited.

Why Outdoor Lighting Perspectives is the Outdoor Lighting Installer Westlake, Ohio, Homeowners Should Call

To achieve the subtle effects described above for your outdoor living spaces, and the stunning effects of nighttime curb appeal, you can’t purchase your outdoor lighting just anywhere. Compare this process to having a talented interior decorator create a room-by-room design for your home that reflects your personality and lifestyle. Similarly, a professional lighting designer from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio will walk your property with you and learn the effects you would like to create outdoors. Outdoor room by outdoor room, the custom-designed lighting plan we create for your home’s exterior will reflect your lifestyle and what’s most important to you at home.

Landscape lighting

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives has been serving homeowners in the northern Ohio area for over 12 years. We create new lighting plans and we service lighting systems that were installed by other companies. We have the talent and experience to use various types of outdoor lighting fixtures where they will be most effective on your property. Because outdoor lighting is all we do, your home’s lighting design and installation will have our complete focus.

We use outdoor lighting fixtures of a higher quality than what you’ll find in the home improvement stores. If you have an older lighting system, we can retrofit your fixtures to use the most advanced, pleasing and energy-efficient LED technology. We are always up to date on the newest lighting technology, and you will be, too, with our advanced lighting control automation features. Finally, at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives we give our customers warranties on transformers, LED bulbs and fixtures. No other outdoor lighting company in the greater Cleveland area can match our knowledge, our service and our warranties.

Backyard lighting

We hope you see now why we are the outdoor lighting installer Westlake, Ohio, homeowners trust to deliver outdoor lighting custom designed with taste and grace.