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Cleveland Safety and Security Lighting: The Big Brothers of Outdoor Lighting

Different sides of the same coin, safety lighting & security lighting are important practical outcomes of a thought-full outdoor lighting design. Both are like the protective older sibling, one keeping you safe from the hazardous world at your feet and the other keeping you safe from would be intruders. Safety lighting is imperative for lowering risk for twisted ankles and falls. Security lighting is vital for deterring uninvited guests.

Outdoor Safety Lighting

In creating an outdoor lighting design that provides safety, we take the time and attention to walk your property identifying areas where you or your guests could lose footing. Common tripping hazards can be found in the front of the house with stairs, stone paths and landscape edging. By applying path lighting, we can gently illuminate every step you take.

The sides of your home can be the biggest risk for injury. Usually being darker than the front or back of your home, a small twig or change in terrain can cause an ankle to roll. A great solution for the side of your house is a gentle downlight mounted in a tree above an area you use at night. With proper lighting around the side of your home, taking the trash out after dark will no longer be a treacherous endeavor.

A unique environment, your backyard can have many areas where safety lighting is required. Deck lighting and patio lighting are imperative to ensure your guests can clearly see the perimeter of the space. With the addition of strategic tree lighting and garden lighting throughout your backyard, we can add the best light to make safe evening use a breeze.

Outdoor Security Lighting

Designing your outdoor lighting with security in mind means learning how you use your home. If you regularly use the side entrance instead of the front door, we will add entry lighting for fishing your keys out of your purse. By adding downlights or landscape lights around the corners of your home, we’ll eliminate hiding spots for anyone who might be looking to provide an unwanted surprise you or your family.

Deterring would-be intruders when you are not home is a key focus of security lighting. When we add outdoor lighting to doorways, windows and around the sides of your home, we effectively lower the ability of an intruder to enter your home unseen. Most home invasions are robbery attempts. If intruders see that your illuminated home doesn’t offer them easy entry, they are quite likely going to pick another home where they can lurk in the dark. We can deter robbers starting right at your driveway or at the back of your wooded lot too. With driveway lighting at the top of your driveway or strategic focal lighting around the back property line, we can help keep your property secure.